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Some of the best astrological proposal gifts



When proposing to an Aries, be direct and direct. Under the guise of travel in the name of the concert at the scene, in her unprepared to kneel beside her, loudly say the oath of love, will let her remember for life, and willingly say "I do".

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Recommended: real name ring with deep meaning

In my name, the oath between your fingers is enough to move her heart. When you take out the crystal clear diamond ring from the rose bouquet and tell her the declaration of your lifelong companion with deep feeling, she will be convinced by your fashionable taste.


When you propose to a Taurus, make sure you choose something worthwhile, or she will doubt your ability to keep house in life. With the right gift and the right words of love, she will know that you are her life partner.

Recommended: tableware

The tableware with beautiful appearance can bring good appetite to the person. Cate, fine wine deserves to go up delicate tableware more the enjoyment of the life.


Geminis are known for absorbing new knowledge and pursuing fashion changes. She will enjoy the whole process of being proposed to. The person of Gemini still has open and bright with bashful two sides, treat the person of Gemini so, want a little bit more patient, make a few more romantic enthusiasm moves slow hot she.

Recommendation: perfume

There should be no woman who doesn't like perfume. Delicate bottle builds the romantic atmosphere that gives the girl to love most, the flavour of perfume quietly elegant as if can depict a flowery and colorful future life.


The most important characteristic of cancer is that they are protective of others, and their desire for stability and security makes it easy for them to propose. Just a few words as family care, but will make the other side moved, low back.

Credit: candlestick

Delicate, and very festive atmosphere. In the snowy winter, quietly place in the bedroom, send out a warm and special light, very suitable for home cancer.


To propose to a Leo person, you can plan a thrilling proposal. Through the loudspeaker in the square and the big screen in the cinema, the Leo person is not afraid of being noticed in the crowd.

Recommended: violet translucent underwear

Purple is the color that the woman resists hard, translucent material is qualitative bring the romantic feeling that shows if be concealed again, Leo she can be attracted by your certainly bold with innovation place.

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Picture of Korean bride makeup


1, it is like have be like without colour makeup, integral colour makeup incline to is naked makeup, light eyebrow eye sends out the gentlest part of the woman, very wonderful eye ministry colour makeup magnify eye ministry and appear mental yi yi, change on nowadays the most popular bit lip makeup, deserve to go up beautiful side cent bride hairstyle, suck eyecandy index to be able to amount to 5 minutes.

2, thick eyebrow makeup is nowadays the most popular eyebrow makeup, hero gas is threatening highlight bride charming person again come out! Integral colour makeup pays attention to eye makeup, the stereo feeling of facial features is stronger, a garland type bride headdress is sure to let your wedding day shine brilliantly.

3, appropriate thick and light eyebrow makeup, natural eye makeup, appear facial ministry delicate stereo feeling is stronger, the Korean type that popularity vogue bites lip makeup, make the hair goes up to reveal bright and clean full forehead, guide the vogue of makeup of Korean type bride.

4, it is likewise thick eyebrow makeup, but eye makeup part more incline to at nature, vogue! Also notice the stereo feeling of nose at the same time, skin USES block defect effect and little sweep cheek is red skin reductive to health, bai xi, the air with the most popular nowadays is thin bang hairstyle, fashionable cent increases greatly.

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5, quietly elegant and fresh color makeup, facial features are combined very perfect! Can feel its pure and fresh feeling far, beautiful fashionable figure soars!

6, the biggest characteristic of this Korean bride makeup is cat eye makeup, very sexy! At the same time natural, fashionable colour makeup characteristic undertakes Korea type at the same time perfect play, the air that combines qi mei is thin bang, undertook better adornment to facial ministry, the United States lets a person suffocate.

7, a very sweet picture of a beautiful bride makeup, delicate eye makeup combined with pink lip honey, the bride will appear gentle and charming, simple ponytail hair with gauze headdress, romantic and feminine!

8, do not have bang dish hair style, deserve to restore ancient ways red lip is naked makeup, since relaxed aesthetic feeling is temperament and high reflect, melting smile, it is to be in again be permeated with the flavour of the happiest.

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What marriage is married for 50 years?


The couple got married for 50 years. This anniversary is called: "Golden Marriage."

Why is it called a golden marriage? Every anniversary after marriage has a different name and different symbolic meanings. The golden marriage symbolizes the feelings like Jin Jian, and the love lasts for a long time.

Second, the 50th anniversary of the wedding anniversary greetings:

1, five ranks, seven ranks, Jin Tongyu is the predecessor. It is said that the poems of the poems are thousands of songs. Celebrate the golden marriage and the old, such as Yi Jia Li Le Yi Yi. Congratulations, happy wedding.

2. You are a pair of lovebirds who love each other and flew for fifty years in the sky of the years. Let us ignite the festive red wax, fill the fragrance of the wine, and toast to the congratulations: Golden wedding is happy, happy!

3, the time is fleeting like water, how many ups and downs in 50 years, how many life walks you have gone through, ups and downs. You support each other, and you bear the burden of one family together. You have given each other an unparalleled love, and you have written brilliant songs in your ordinary life. I wish you a happy golden wedding.

4, the love of the couple is infinite, with the wedding, and the white first will accompany. Experience the storms and the sufferings, the time goes by, the true feelings will never change. Fifty years of bombing of the commanding room; respect each other forever on the occasion of your golden wedding anniversary, congratulations to you, I wish you more golden years.

5, loving couples hand in hand for half a century, raising children to raise children's rice, oil, salt, and also love and love, and finally do not regret. For fifty years of concentricity, the business family is sour and bitter, bitter and sweet, and sweet, and the wind and rain will always follow. I sincerely wish you all the best!

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6, the wind and rain are followed by the followers, the fish and water are embracing each other, the sand and stone are compatible with each other, the world is relatively mutual help, the husband and wife are accompanied by love, you live with each other colorful. Sincerely wish you all the golden wedding anniversary of the 50th anniversary of marriage.

7. There is love, the storm can not destroy each other's vows; there is love, alcohol and cigarettes are alienated from here; there is love, laundry and cooking is also a kind of sweet; there is love, hardship and hardship; on the occasion of the golden wedding anniversary, I wish you all Love forever!

8 or 50 years, life geometry, how many fifty years can you have, there are too many passers-by in life, you can be with you for the longest time, you will experience together, cry together, work together, work together The most romantic thing that people who love each other is to chat and fight when they are old. This is happiness.

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