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Ovation Rolls Out The Red Carpet For Duo Of International Fashion

Ovation Rolls Out The Red Carpet For Duo Of International Fashion TitlesCable net Ovation has acquired two high-end fashion documentary series after striking a deal with distributor Cineflix Rights. The arts and culture has picked up Inside Dior and Style Factory from the London-based sales unit of the Canadian company.

Inside Dior, which is produced by Scottish production company Finestripe Productions, is a two-part behind-the-scenes look at the billion dollar luxury fashion label. The doc marks the fashion house’s 70th anniversary and looks at its clients and celebrity buyers as well as Dior’s first ever female creative director. It was originally produced for UK broadcaster Channel 4.

Meanwhile, Style Factory is a 14-part series that looks at how fashion and beauty products are made. The series was originally produced by Cineflix Productions for Canadian broadcaster Slice.Both shows will air on the linear Ovation channel as well as its recently launched on-demand app.The deal was struck by Ovation’s EVP of programming Scott Woodward and Cineflix Rights’ SVP of North American Sales Lucinda Gergley-Garner.“We are pleased to present two excellent programs that take a closer look at the artistic world of fashion,” said Woodward. “We are always looking for quality content that fits our mission statement of inspiring and elevating viewers’ experience through the world of art. Inside Dior and Style Factory will be great additions to the Ovation brand.”

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Danielle Brooks Has A Message For The Fashion Industry Regarding Plus-Size Women

Danielle Brooks Has A Message For The Fashion Industry Regarding Plus-Size Women

While some designers have begun to include plus-size models on their runway and more brands have recently launched into the plus-size market, the fashion industry still has plenty of room to grow when it comes to catering to curvy women, and actress and first-time designer Danielle Brooks has a message for the industry.

In a recent interview with Mic, Brooks, who just launched her first-ever fashion collection with Universal Standard, a brand that offers clothing for women sizes 10-28, shared what she believes plus-size women want when it comes to fashion.

We want more,” Brooks said. “Fashion is so tied into who we are as people, and our personalities. We want to be able to express ourselves, so the more options that we have, the easier it is for us to walk down the street with our heads up feeling like powerful women. Just give us more options.”

Fashion brands could start by simply taking a few tips from Brooks herself. When she was asked to describe the ideal customer for her collection, the actress said, “Everyone, that’s who it’s really for. I want every woman to wear these clothes. And if men want to jump in these overalls, they can jump in these overalls. I think that was my main goal. But it did start with me. The question posed was like, ‘What do I wanna be seen in?’ I remember saying, ‘I want something that’s comfortable. I want something that is so universal that I can go from night to day, or day to night.’”

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So often dismissed as superficial

So often dismissed as superficial, fashion has the power to change behaviour and attitudes. And that’s something that’s needed now more than ever, says Laura Craik.

“Fashion? You don’t want to study fashion, do you? You’re bright. You could go to university.” So, aged 17 and obsessed with Elle magazine, as well as making questionable clothes on an old Singer, I went to university. I did what my teachers thought was best: studied English, read Chaucer, got my degree. And then I went to fashion college.

Happily, the notion that fashion is only about clothes, and therefore superficial – surface in the most literal sense – is not as prevalent as it once was. Nor is the conviction that “clever” people should pursue a higher cause. While those with the fashion gene have always understood its depths, even those who would love to dismiss it can’t fail to have noticed that fashion has far more power than simply the ability to shape your look. To discount fashion from the equation while acknowledging art, music, history and politics as agents of change is remiss – not least when fashion is currently more political than ever.

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