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Bride hair


1. The long curl with flexuous and natural hair comes round to a side body before, optional and pure and fresh, in hair end place makes up a loose 3 plait, elegant and attractive

, rustic anadem is encircled before the forehead, between brown hair, blend in integral style, as if the daughter of nature, wrap

White wedding dress, waiting for the arrival of prince charming.

2. It is also a very beautiful and lovely bride hair style, which braids the fashionable brown long hair.

The bang braid that undertakes along bang and side type tie a hair to still have the white flower hair that adorns to act the role of more the grace that shows a bride is lovely wind


3. It is also a stylish bride hair style, which combines fresh and low-key brown long hair into a low bun

Cheng looks like a simple and lovely bride from the front of the short hair, and with thick bangs modeling is also very prominent

The cuteness of the bride.

Girls who love to braid their hair in plaits can't help but check out this exquisite bride plaited hair style, which will be long and stylish in brown

Hair undertakes braid to braid hair, form a delicate dish to send hairstyle again, with the hair of white of the top of head act the role of photograph build same very show bride

Lively and lovely feeling.

5 side points long bangs decorated a delicate aesthetic face, green vines decorated hair, flowers in full bloom, a small interpretation of the summer

Pure and fresh.

6 simple bride style short hair, short hair girls do not think that short hair is not good for the bride style do, like this simple

In bride bingle modelling is very apparent relaxed and lovely feeling, the design of slant hair and black bingle modelling are likewise qing chun is attractive.

7 a lovely in also show elegant temperament of the bride hair style, the top of the head is braid hair method and fresh air sense liu

The sea and the back of the head simple braid hair photograph is taken, pure and fresh hair color more add bride qing chun is melting wind.

8. A lovely and sweet fan full Korean bride long hair style, fresh no bangs styling design most show the groom's face

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Small melting feeling, and cooperate this kind of romantic long curly hair and pure and fresh and fashionable brown dye hair more the aesthetic pure and pure feeling that shows a bride.

Get married day, long hair dish rises, a bundle of wen wan low hair bun is flashing pure and fresh temperament, do an ornament with hair belt more show melting

, the long bang that two buccal come loose gives pure and beautiful and moving face, cardiac index explodes.

10. When it comes to bride hair style, how can it be short of such a most beautiful Korean bride hair style? Simply curl your hair

Undertake delicate dish hair is done, and the modelling design that cooperates this to do not have bang type and flower hair act the role of more show pure and fresh only beautiful wind.

11. Compared with the noble atmosphere of high bun, low bun hair exudes a gentle and simple sense, 28 side distribution, smooth hair

", emblazoned with hair accessories is more aesthetic, and brown hair color fashion sense is full.

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Wedding floral knowledge


Introduction to wedding floral:

Long ago, brides at weddings often wore floral arrangements and mint. Until today the wedding began to use a lot of flowers. Floral art can bring people happiness and luck, and let the guests in the wedding to be blessed. Now the meaning may have changed a little, but the traditional form of floral art in the existence of the wedding has not changed.

In the book, the famous flower master Robert Koene took Greece as the main project city, selected the most beautiful sites, and presented various gorgeous wedding activities with amazing flower design ability, including: the lavish wedding in the acropolis center of Athens; Country-style weddings on wine estates; A beach wedding on a mysterious island; An exotic wedding; Elegant wedding at the temple of swann; On a warm winter day.

Wedding floral history:

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In the early days of ancient Greek and Roman times, garlands were often seen in wedding ceremonies to bring good luck and avoid bad luck during the year. It was not until the mid-19th century that floriculture began to come into contact with people's life and fashion.

Different countries and cultures have different meanings for flowers, such as love, friendship, joy, purity and luck. Even though some of the meanings of flowers are not accepted by people today, we still associate some meanings with the kinds of flowers. For example, the relationship between red roses and love is very close.

In early Roman weddings, floral arrangements and mint were often used to ensure good luck in the future and to avoid bad luck. In ancient Greece, the ivy was a symbol of enduring love.

American wedding floral: jazz musicians lead wedding guests from the church to the ceremony area, followed by bridesmaids carrying floral umbrellas in Louisiana.

British wedding floral: the bride walks with her wedding guests through the church. A young woman leads her wedding guests through a hallway covered with petal petals, which means she will be as happy as a flower in her future life, accompanied by flowers every day.

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Marriage customs in hubei

Marriage customs in hubei

"Male big when marriage, female big when marriage" this is a jingchu saying. In general, the marriage custom of jingchu is based on the six ancient rites of nachai, nagui, naji, nacheng, request period and qinying in the marriage in the pre-qin period. From the fact that guan ju is distributed in hubei's wedding ceremony song, we can observe the evolution of marriage etiquette. The opener of the book of songs is guan ju, which was read by the master of ceremonies at the ancient wedding ceremony. It describes, in increasing Numbers in the temple, a pair of newlyweds to commanding his, nymphoides was used as the bride's contribution to the father, in order to obtain your ancestors in the family for her in identity recognition. Recently, scholars have confirmed that guan ju originated in jingzhou of chu. Jingchu said that the marriage is a red wedding, please get married when the group hexi popular. The master of ceremonies is often a local singer-songwriter. Crowns "ritual" sings: "cage osprey in on both sides, in the river of continent with the groom, my fair lady looks good, gentleman good qiu for the groom."

First, the characteristics of marriage customs throughout hubei etiquette

Will crown ceremony (adult ceremony) and the wedding ceremony for two into one, is the unique characteristics of jingchu wedding etiquette. , such as pine zi county area's family before the wedding day, a splendidly two seats, first choose the family in those nine people, the zygote is 10, yue "with ten brothers", this is a prelude to crowns "the ritual", symbol of its adult, the Japanese family life word, see to become as plaque "box", drumming guide, presided over by my uncle came, the hall ", ". There is also a custom of avoiding evil and seeking good fortune in the marriage customs of the state of chu. If the straw on the bed that likes a bed wants to follow smooth smooth, indicative young couple henceforth the day lives when peaceful, avoid is put crosswise, because "crosswise" have the suspicion of unreasonable, will bring about young couple not harmonious. The new daughter-in-law entered the door, her mother-in-law to eat dates, peanuts to her with a plate, in order to give birth to a son, and hope to live with flowers (that is, "flower fetus"), that is to have a son and a daughter, can have five men and two women is good, folk that is "five men and two women seven throne".

Since the pre-qin period, it has been established as a set of "literary rites" for the combination of men and women. The whole process of jiangling rural marriage custom etiquette is: hair eight characters, ding geng, beg to be willing, through the door, election period, report period, rest marry, accompany the ceremony, pass the ceremony, accompany ten brothers, accompany ten sisters, quit parents, cry marry, hair close, stop the car and horse, receive rise, hand over relatives, pay a visit, make trouble, drink "rectify the head case tea", answer the door. Loose zi more overelaborate rural marriage customs and etiquette in some places, the whole process is: book au, GuoLi, xi, the period, and wed, with ten sisters, carve one's face, crying marriage, quit hall, hair, hair number (hanging tablets), block chariots and horses, for evil spirit, meet a dowry, meeting the bride, tea, and drinking wedlock wine, into the bridal chamber, make the beds, enthronement, accompany, with ten brothers, with the bride and groom with kiss, with media, xie media, boxes, shoes, cooking, recalls. These wedding ceremonies, after thousands of years of media, are still popular in some places jingsha.

Two, hubei Chinese style traditional marriage ceremony

1. Good day

Choose a day to marry, choose a day is the timing of both men and women will be the most auspicious day. Usually refers to the "registration" and "pick up the bride" ceremony held on an auspicious date. If these ceremonies do not take place on the same day, more to pick up the bride, the day of the door shall prevail.

2. A great gift

The most solemn wedding ceremony, about 15 to 20 days before the wedding. The male family chooses the auspicious day, carries the gift money and many kinds of gifts to the female family.

Up to now, because this kind of traditional marriage ceremony is tedious and needs time, very few can use the complete set "three books six rites" the ceremony, many reduces the numerous for the simple, most widely values is the great ceremony this one link.

The man wanted a big gift, the woman wanted a return gift. Gifts and gifts given in return are:

(1) cash

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Great gifts usually determine an auspicious number, stored in the li is sealed, by people. Be sure to reciprocate with tea and fruit.

(2) wedding cake

A cake is required for a big gift. Since there are many cakes, there is no need to prepare as many as one cake (i.e., 400 cakes). When giving a gift, it is enough to bring eight symbols to represent the heart. Among them need to prepare the dragon and phoenix gift cake two pairs, men and women each a pair. Others were replaced by cakes of bread and cakes of bread, or elishi. The gift in return is half or part of the gift given by the man.

(3) the seafood

The gifts are divided into four, six or eight types. Usually, each type is divided into two packs. Regardless of the size of the package, it is the responsibility of the owner. Reciprocate with a pair of lotus root, taro and pomegranate.

(4) dishes that look

A big gift to chicken or goose two pairs, two males and two females (if the parents are not complete, a pair is enough), pork from three to five pounds from a double fly (that is, a connected two), can also be replaced by li is. A double wedding veil is required for the reception.

(5) the fish

A pair of fish, a big fish or dace is required for the big gift. In return, he should give his son-in-law a suit, trousers (long life and wealth) or cloth and leather belt.

(6) the coconut

The gift needs two pairs of coconut, take it has a father and son, father is alive with two pairs, or a pair can. Return the gift to need flat cypress, benefit is, taro, ginger.

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