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 Bride's wedding shoes matching strategies

 Do you know how to choose a pair of bridal shoes for the wedding? Make yourself comfortable and feminine, and today we're going to teach you how to pair your bride's wedding shoes.

  Bridal shoe tie-in strategy chooses beautiful and not suffer a crime

  Bridal shoes

  Bridal shoes

  I'm getting married in a cold winter, and it's going to be really cold in stiletto heels. What shoes are warm and not clumsy?queeniebridesmaid

  Opt for a pair of ankle length white ankle boots, preferably with ruffled lace or small bows at the top, so you won't feel awkward and chic and feminine. Wearing satin boots of the same quality as your wedding dress would be the perfect solution, but it would be expensive.

  Bridal shoes

  My wedding is on the beach. I don't want to wear too formal shoes or stand on the beach barefoot. Do I have any other options?

  For a beach wedding, a pair of flat sandals or flip-flops would be the perfect choice. If you think it's too common, wear a chain around your feet, a unique way to make your snazzy beach wedding look perfect.

  Bridal shoes

  I chose a lace dress. Can I wear lace shoes with it?

  With shoe lace lace dress collocation, can feel very tedious, if you are wearing a with bud silk, crystal, such as embroidery decoration, gorgeous dress, it's best to wear a pair of shoes, style simple, likewise, lace shoes with a simple wedding dress will be very beautiful.

  I really don't like white shoes. Can I choose a pair of colored shoes?

  There is no special rule: if you wear a white or beige wedding dress, your shoes must be the same color. You can choose shoes with slightly different colors, such as silver or gold, and light colors close to flowers, such as light green, light pink, light purple or light yellow. In addition, white shoes don't go well with a lot of clothes, so a bit of color wedding shoes can greatly increase the chances of wearing them after a wedding.

  Bridal shoes

  I want a pair of comfortable flats, but I want to make sure I'm very elegant on my wedding day. Do you have any Suggestions?

  As striking flat shoes and high heels, a simple and beautiful ballet shoes, the charm of it from delicate white holes and satin fabric ankle strap, will make you feel very elegant.

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 Seven wedding dresses for romantic beach wedding are recommended

Want a different beach wedding? You'll have to think about it and see our recommendations.

  Seven wedding dresses for romantic beach wedding are recommended

  If you want to have a path of fine white sand on your upcoming wedding and a background of the sounds of nature's waves, here are some things to prepare for. Like to choose a suitable wedding dress, headache, beach wedding for you to choose a suitable wedding dress also is not easy, more casual beach wedding, after all, the ground, the climate is warmer, so want to choose a suitable wedding dress will need to consider more elements.

  If you still can't decide which wedding dress is best for you, I hope the following seven dresses from the latest 2018 collection will provide some inspiration for your beach wedding.

  Romantic beach wedding dress is recommended

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How do you decorate a wedding car

 Bridal car is indispensable, so how should oneself unique wedding decorate marriage car? Here's how to decorate a wedding car. It is such a happy and satisfying thing to decorate your own unique wedding car. Here's how to dress up the wedding car!   How do you decorate the five parts of a wedding car to create a unique wedding car   How do you decorate the five parts of a wedding car to create a unique wedding car   Bridal car decorates a flower to need to have 4 characteristics, namely color is colourful, fresh, flower is big, moral is good.   Colourful: the colour that points to a flower wants gorgeous, strong, can reflect happy atmosphere.   Freshness: refers to a short time away from the mother body, the whole intact, small degree of damage.   Flower is big: show two meanings, the body of a flower wants big, the open degree of a flower wants big, want to choose the flower that is in bloom period namely.   Moral of the moral good: refers to the flower itself is better, like lily implication in one hundred, tie the bird of paradise implication fly wing to wing, anthurium implies mutual affinity, the Chinese rose means love, dancing orchid implication cheerful mood, etc.   How do you decorate the five parts of a wedding car to create a unique wedding car   Flowers wedding car decoration matters, how to decorate wedding car.   Commonly used flowers are mainly lily, red palm, bird of paradise, dancing orchid, butterfly orchid, moon season, jianlan, magnolia, African chrysanthemum, carnation, orange peduncle, full sky star, love grass, forget-me-not, etc. The commonly used leaves are mainly Brazilian wood leaves, anemones, anemones, swordleaves, turtle back leaves, water taro leaves, asparagus leaves, penglaisong, asparagus, etc.   Wedding car flower decoration includes the front, roof, door, car tail, car frame 5 parts of the flower decoration.   Read more at:black bridesmaid dresses online | green bridesmaid dresses