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How do you decorate a wedding car

 Bridal car is indispensable, so how should oneself unique wedding decorate marriage car? Here's how to decorate a wedding car. It is such a happy and satisfying thing to decorate your own unique wedding car. Here's how to dress up the wedding car!   How do you decorate the five parts of a wedding car to create a unique wedding car   How do you decorate the five parts of a wedding car to create a unique wedding car   Bridal car decorates a flower to need to have 4 characteristics, namely color is colourful, fresh, flower is big, moral is good.   Colourful: the colour that points to a flower wants gorgeous, strong, can reflect happy atmosphere.   Freshness: refers to a short time away from the mother body, the whole intact, small degree of damage.   Flower is big: show two meanings, the body of a flower wants big, the open degree of a flower wants big, want to choose the flower that is in bloom period namely.   Moral of the moral good: refers to the flower itself is better, like lily implication in one hundred, tie the bird of paradise implication fly wing to wing, anthurium implies mutual affinity, the Chinese rose means love, dancing orchid implication cheerful mood, etc.   How do you decorate the five parts of a wedding car to create a unique wedding car   Flowers wedding car decoration matters, how to decorate wedding car.   Commonly used flowers are mainly lily, red palm, bird of paradise, dancing orchid, butterfly orchid, moon season, jianlan, magnolia, African chrysanthemum, carnation, orange peduncle, full sky star, love grass, forget-me-not, etc. The commonly used leaves are mainly Brazilian wood leaves, anemones, anemones, swordleaves, turtle back leaves, water taro leaves, asparagus leaves, penglaisong, asparagus, etc.   Wedding car flower decoration includes the front, roof, door, car tail, car frame 5 parts of the flower decoration.   Read more at:black bridesmaid dresses online | green bridesmaid dresses


 The most moving courtship

1, love is a word, but it contains the promise of the sea, the holding of the hand and the old wish, the honor and disgrace, the feeling of breaking gold, the pursuit of a respectful life. I love you, love to tell you loudly, marry me!

  2, love is the same in wind and rain; love is in need. Love is the hand of the holder, and it is old with it. Dear, marry me, let us live together, until the white head, still pull, laugh to see flowers blooming flowers, thank you, the tide rises and falls, clouds roll clouds, sunset sunset.

  3, love a person dare not say, it will last forever; love a person dare not say, there is a perfect commitment. I am ordinary people, can only slowly change their bad habits, slowly let you like, accompany you to watch the Korean drama, accompany you the stars in the sky; I am an ordinary person, can only slowly make money, slowly make you happy, accompany you to buy bags, accompany you singing in the evening. Dear, do you like it?

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 A picture of a bride with short shoulder-length hair

1, the first is a temperament of Korean bride hairstyle, temperament fluffy hair perm and personality in the processing of the outline of romance and aestheticism, the side of the headdress flower adorn appear very rural wind.

  2. Fashionable Korean style medium and short curly hair style, asymmetrical medium and short hair draws the outline of chic fashion sense, the individual hair tail dyeing hair plus side headwear ornament gives elegant and generous.

  3. The hair of a kind of temperament fleeciness perm, the design that individual character wine red hair adds melting flat bang hairdo reveals matchless vogue and temperament, and the collocation of crown is very grab lens.

  4, the temperament of perm hair style, hair end inside the clasp show chic fashion and temperament, that relaxed without bang hairstyle design collocation headdress flower ornament show very fashionable side, simple and generous shape.

  5, pure and fresh and lovely hair perm hair style, in a lovely buckle in bang the outline of chic fashion sense, and blonde hair color I plus the ornament of headdress flower show great fashion sense, the modelling is fashion.

  6, a shoulder-length hair hair end run out in modelling to withhold, sweet ping bang hair style with the ornament of the wreath side to show individual character and vogue, and deep chestnut hair color outline of chic fashion sense, rob mirror.

  7, suitable for long hair in the MM people refer to a Korean bride hairstyle, side long curly hair elegant smooth, simple shawls long hair without any ornament, strapless gown with collocation, romantic and pure and fresh.

  8, very simple, will make a fluffy effect hair end, curl easily hung two shoulders, fashion, neat bang completely does not affect the charm of the bride, flower hair ornament for modelling grace many, be short of your ideal hairstyle!

  9, side cent bang adds simple hair to act the role of, hair tail does the modelling that outer coil, such a contracted and fashionable bridal hairstyle succeeded.

  10, who says the girls can't hair cut short hair, maybe just don't care, the brown department of inclined bang hair hair, coils of bride hairstyle, tie-in white veil, beautiful and charming.

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