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The wedding reception is the most complete toast

The toast is at the beginning of the wedding banquet. The host gives a warm welcome, cordial greetings and sincere thanks to the guests. The guests will give thanks and express their sincere wishes for their hospitality. Bring the wedding toast to everyone, including the toast of different people in the wedding ceremony.

  The wedding reception was full of toast.

  Leaders, friends and family:

  Life can have some of the most unforgettable, the happiest moment, today I truly from inside the heart feel extremely excited, incomparable happiness, more incomparably unforgettable. Today I marry miss XX, our elder, relatives, close friends and leadership in spite of being very busy toglance come to attend our wedding ceremony, brought joy to the wedding today, brings joy, the sincere blessings.

  Let's take this opportunity to sincerely thank our parents for bringing us up, thanking the leaders for their concern, and thanking our friends for their blessings.

  I would also like to deeply thank my father-in-law, who gave me the only one in your hand, and thank you for your trust, and I will never fail you. I would say that I could never make your daughter the richest woman in the world, but I would use my life to make her the happiest woman in the world.

  Experts say, a population of more than three billion men in the world now, and I was lucky enough to get the one over three billion chance of becoming XX miss husband, one over three billion of the chance of the equivalent of a $5 million lottery even in a month, but I think this life can with XX, is 5 million yuan, how many are incomparable!

  Finally, I wish you all the best and happiness. Please raise your glasses and share this happy moment with us.

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The most romantic moment of the wedding photo shoot

 Wearing an ancient costume for wedding photos is one of the most coveted things for girls. How do we do it when we are wearing an ancient wedding photo? Below, small make up for everybody to bring the beautiful ancient dress wedding photo shoot method, build the most romantic wedding picture for you.

  The method of the wedding photo shoot:

  1. Clothing selection

  Of course, ancient clothing is indispensable, what kind of things are appropriate? The dress of ancient costume is more complex, like simple new people can choose cheongsam, if you are a small girl of a small stature, had better choose style is simple, cloth flimsy old outfit. After the clothing is selected, please do not do too much publicity, try to highlight your elegant side.

  2. Good at communication

  If you want to become a photographer, it is I can't control, think that it would be wrong to take martial art as before you can communicate with the photographer, and photographers to reflect guest satisfaction photos, is very happy to communicate with you. And, after that, the final selection is still in your hands, and you just give up the photos that show the clothes.

  3. Modeling design

  The general stylist knows the makeup of ancient dress is suitable for pink and not sexy, unless your whole modelling is to want to be enchanting. On ancient costume photos hairstyle is really very important, it is the center of the shape, good bun is fully display your own classic lasting appeal, but if the hair is not suitable for you, it is really a very terrible thing.

  4. Accessories selection

  In dress collocation, the bun is best to be worn according to different dress to carry on collocation, even in ancient, different dress also has different lasting appeal. Therefore, the new couple should not bother, well cooperate with stylist to create the classic temperament that suits him best!

  5. Shooting instructions.

  We are all contemporary people, and it is like singing on stage when we are taking pictures of ancient costume. You can do it on stage completely, regardless of the modern sense, and dig deep into your own classic beauty. Because everyone has a classic side of beauty, it can be fully blossomed in a good moment! Ancient women are very reserved and gentle, if you must expose, please grasp a scale to achieve the ideal effect. Do not be too open, learn to converge!

  Beautiful and ancient wedding photo pose:

  Ancient costume wedding photos taken in the process, the couple can put all kinds of modelling, have all sorts of attitude, show different expression, also can form different shapes, or dignified and easy, or moderate kind, the entire screen is quiet and elegant, emotion also can show it. Such gestures, such as the back of the back and the back, can show the spirit of concentration, contempt for the enemy, contempt or pleasure, the pursuit, desire, expectation, etc. With the aid of the direction of the subject character head posture, height and upright, skew and horizontal pouring Angle changes, can show the naive live 沷 beautiful and lovely, listen carefully and helpless mood and emotion.

  In ancient costume wedding, the bride and groom can also use the cuddle hug posture, the bride and groom on her arms and head to the lens, eyes closed, according to happiness on the face, while the bridegroom with gentle, watching the bride, one hand hold the bride, one hand around the bride on the back, with wide costume dress, give a person a kind of sedate feeling relieved. Happiness is not in your side, but in your body temperature.

  We are all the people of the 21st century, the ancient costume when photos as pat a costume play, you can think of yourself as a costume play the leading role, to plug in to the classic scene, imagine TV play leading role of postures, try to show the charm of the ancient people of nature. If you want to in the costume photos into sexy pose, posture, can choose a mermaid type scene with bed advisable, GongSha with red bed, then put some flowers, so I can put a kind of hazy beauty, reveals the infinite daydream. Of course, it is better to change the tone in post-production to make the picture more classical.

  In addition we can also refer to ancient classic action on the wedding, this kind of ancient costume with have to do more than is the bridegroom to the bride and groom lift LIDS, sitting in the study iron Dan book coupons, the bride stood next to give directions, the feeling of as much. No matter what position the new smile of the new person is more ashamed, the ancient demure and gentle side of the expression.

  Put on ancient palace elegant dress, is many girls dream of things, in short for photography dressing posture try to be natural and optional, facial morphology processing must also to nature, relax, is possible and the characters of other body parts to form a harmonious whole.

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What do you put on your plate?

 Today, small make up to bring the banquet table setting skill for everyone. Your wedding banquet is an exclusive "eat" big party body, the dining table is directly representative of host's taste, want guests to eat comfortable, see comfortable, first want to work in the tray. Small plate, the university asks, hurriedly join us to learn the food dish to put what ability to become the heart of the guests?

  What do you put on your plate?

  Wedding banquet table setting skill 1, not only the wedding, also want to have a good meal.

  It's polite to put a menu on a plate, and the menu seems to have an effect that increases the appetite of others, and you must expect every guest to be excited about your wedding reception. Good menu layout will directly affect your dining table vision, and it is also important to be simple and generous. When you have arranged everything, you can enjoy the joy of solving the mystery alone.

  Wedding banquet table setting technique 2, a difficult to think of detail.

  The existence of the napkin is to be taken for granted, want to do not do too much decoration to your plate, it is very important to do a good beating of the napkin. It's all you need to do with a carefully coordinated hierarchy or to embroider your name for every guest.

  Banquet table arrangement technique 3, sweet and attractive is the taste bud is hard to refuse.

  A small dessert was placed in front of the guest's plate, which was an old terrier, and it was used a lot, because it was a winning player. Let everyone in the seat early taste the sweetness of your love, this trick is always tested, after all, no one will refuse the delicious food.

  The banquet table arrangement technique 4, fresh and delicious, spring and summer wedding banquet's favorite.

  In recent years, fruit has been used more and more widely in weddings, and it has been widely used in the archway floats and crowns. It is not uncommon to see it at the dinner table today, it is beautiful, it tastes good, it deserves the favor, and besides, it belongs here.

  Wedding banquet table arrangement skills 5.

  It is not uncommon for a plant to be a regular at a wedding, and it is always the one that is the easiest to shine and the most classic. Take the plant to eat dish, want to remember must take its essence, do not make full, cover the aesthetic feeling of tableware.

  Wedding banquet table arrangement skill 6, mysterious and sexy anger.

  The "spirit" of feathers, except for feather dusters and shuttlecock, seems to have a low exposure rate in life. In fact, it's far more upscale than you can see, and it's more of a "fur" spiritual leader. If used properly, it will certainly add luster to the wedding.

  Banquet table arrangement skill 7, can give full play to the originality of small matter.

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