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The Adelaide labels to know and memorise: a Vogue editor’s guide

The Adelaide labels to know and memorise: a Vogue editor’s guide

With Adelaide Fashion Festival about to begin, we've earmarked the best of the labels hailing from the South Australian capital. Bookmark and follow now.


You may recognise designers Kathryn Forth and Julia Ritorto from television; they’ve received a lot of press recently owing to the fact that Beyoncé wore a piece of their creation for label Acler. That’s not to discredit their design prowess. The duo have been making refined feminine pieces with a particular knack for understated evening wear for two years. If you needed further proof their a name to know, Coco Rocha, Jasmine Tookes and Halle Berry have all also been seen in the label (but we know you didn’t get past Bey).

Paolo Sebastian

Australian of the Year Paul Vasileff has a strong background in tailoring, perhaps the last thing you would expect if you’ve encountered one of his princess gowns. A name to remember for a special occasion, Vasileff works with couture sensibility out of his atelier in Adelaide.

Elizabeth V

An insider secret inside the Vogue office for some time now, Elizabeth V has her roots in sleepwear but the high quality of her silk slips, gowns and shirts make them perfectly suited to be re-appropriated for the street.


Freshly unearthed label Frio has the driving force of founder Charlotte Stanbury behind it. A high achiever whose feather jackets regularly sell out online, the 20-year-old Stanbury has expanded into other categories with goals to evolve into a lifestyle brand. Working her way toward a degree in entrepreneurship, we’re behind her.

The Daily Edited

We know you know the label that is all over everyone’s social media, emblazoned with monogrammed initials, but did you know co-founder Alyce Tran hails from Adelaide? With a collaboration with fellow Australians Tome under their belt, expect nothing less than bigger and bigger things.

C/MEO Collective

A favourite of Kylie Jenner, Gigi Hadid et al, C/MEO’s designs are a go-to for occasion wear and party season. Next Adelaide strip, B-line to the BNKR store - the umbrella name for a stable of brands owned by the same company - in Rundle Mall.

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The Paris-designed collection that is part French girl,

The Paris-designed collection that is part French girl, part Japanese precision and completely wearable

It’s no secret that we are constantly striving to emulate the French aesthetic, finding that balance between casual and cool that they do so well. It is also no secret that the Japanese are masters at producing avant-garde pieces that are equally wearable and desirable.

So what happens when the two worlds meet? A cutting-edge, life-changing collection that might just be what you have been searching for.

Introducing Uniqlo U, the groundbreaking capsule from UNIQLO’s Paris research and development centre, helmed by Artistic Director Christophe Lemaire. In its third outing, Uniqlo U aims to make clothing an ideal expression of its wearer, and to reinvent your wardrobe basics through design pattern, fabric development, and stitching innovations.

Like its R&D centres in Tokyo, Shanghai, New York and LA, the Paris chapter distills local trends in fashion and lifestyle, as well as new materials and novel fabric technologies, to offer UNIQLO customers the best in what is new, next and now.

Their latest collection, debuting in Australia October 12, harnesses 3D U-Knit, a three-dimensional knitting technique that employs ‘whole garment’ technology to enhance fit and comfort. The technology allows the designers to produce knitwear three-dimensionally, eliminating seams. The results are the most comfortable and compelling basics of all time.

This season, UNIQLO’s design team has created three sculptural dresses, one women’s sweater, and one skirt using this advanced technique. All the pieces, particularly a merino ribbed mock neck dress, fit to the natural contours of the body for a supremely flattering silhouette.

Other standout pieces include the women’s ‘Blocktech’ trench coat, which mixes matte cotton with practical features such as wind-proofing, waterproofing, and breathability in a lightweight cover-up that you will be reaching for daily.

With a focus on making your wardrobe basics liveable, practical and affordable the Uniqlo U collection fills the holes in your life in an easy way. It offers building blocks, for work and play, reanimated with a leading-edge thinking we have come to expect from Uniqlo.

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Bum steer: how cycling shorts became the height of fashion

Bum steer: how cycling shorts became the height of fashion

Ah, yes. I think I’ve seen these. Are they the things I get stuck behind whenever I drive uphill on a sunny Saturday? That’s right. Cycling shorts are tight, stretchy leg coverings that stop above the knee and often contain the bottom, thighs and genitals of an obsessive pedaller.

Oh, believe me, I can see exactly what they contain. I have to stare at them for hours while I wait to overtake. My sympathies.

But it is practical to wear them for a long bike ride, I suppose. Absolutely. They are aerodynamic and allow your legs to move freely while you exercise. And they keep you relatively warm and dry.

I achieve the same effect by placing myself inside some kind of building, such as a house or pub. Each to their own. But, of course, cycling shorts are at the cutting edge of fashion.

No, they’re not. Oh yes they are. Black cycling shorts were part of Dior’s and Dolce & Gabbana’s latest catwalk shows. Both Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid have recently been seen wearing them.

While pedalling up Ditchling Beacon? No. While prancing about being famous.

Did they have those padded bottoms? The shorts?

Yes. I don’t believe so. These are designer shorts, remember, from labels such as Vatanika. Think of them more as cut-off leggings.

OK. And they don’t absolutely have to be black. Naomi Campbell wore white ones at Off-White’s catwalk show in Paris.

Can they have brightly coloured sponsors’ logos all over them? They cannot.

So what will become fashionable next? Metal clips on the soles of high heels? Weird, creepy goggles? A water bottle strapped to your clutch bag? Puncture repair kits? I doubt it. This trend is more about the skintight silhouette than any great devotion to cycling. It’s not as if fashion models and competitive cyclists have much in common, after all.

Apart, of course, from a reputed fondness for leg-shaving? Yes. Apart from that.

Do say: “Bringing together the luxuriant shine of kangaroo leather and the punk aesthetic of detachable metal studs, football boots are the perfect choice to finish any weekend outfit with éclat.”

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