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 Take wedding photos to wear what kind of underwear comfort is the supreme principle

Picture taken want to show their good figure, that is, of course, the collocation of underwear, so how do you do, share picture taken to wear what kind of underwear, tell you comfort as the supreme principle.

  What kind of underwear to wear for a wedding photo: loose, comfortable underwear

  The length of time that take wedding gauze photograph is a whole day, so bride-to-be must choose loose and comfortable underwear, such as chest just won't be frowsty, but also want to choose the underwear that suits the size of oneself breast model.

  What kind of underwear to wear for wedding photos: shoulder straps are optional

  Strapless bra is not recommended to wear in the wedding shoot, because in the new time transform pose, if is a big action will cause the shoulder belt slide, and shoulder strap underwear can also cause trench, if wear strapless dress will see, mark, will affect the overall aesthetic.

  What kind of underwear to wear for a wedding photo: light-colored underwear

  In the photo, because the wedding dress is mostly white, the bride-to-be should also choose the light-colored underwear, so that the color of the underwear will not affect the visual sense of the wedding dress.

  What kind of underwear to wear for wedding photos: breathable underwear

  Taking wedding photos wearing underwear is not a constraint, and the choice of underwear also needs to be breathable, so that the bride-to-be can relax and take photos.

  What kind of underwear to wear for wedding photos: seamless body shaping underwear

  How does the bride want to show her good figure, can choose seamless body model underwear to match the wedding dress of a fishtail skirt, such exquisite good figure is exhibited have no spare.

  Are you still worried about what kind of underwear to wear for your wedding photos? There is always one of the above five choices that suits you.

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What makeup does bridesmaid wear 4 kinds of makeup suit bridesmaid to recommend

As a single girl, after receiving the good sisters wedding invitations and also invited as the maid of honor, in addition to the happy will still have a little bit of secretly pleased, would guess that the wedding would have their own happiness in the peach blossom? So what do you wear as a bridesmaid? Want to have romantic peach blossom, draw a delicate makeup look.

  What does the maid of honor wear - natural and elegant makeup

  Natural elegant bridesmaid dress is in the building, pay attention to the brow can't modify, give a person a kind of natural feeling, whether it is a thick eyebrows or thin eyebrows, as far as possible choose shallow brown powder or eyebrow pencil to draw the outline of brows and fill the gap. If time constraints can only describe a place, it is recommended that the lips plump plump, can try the color pink, pink, with pearl to increase lip color and stereo feeling, the chromaticity good inferior smooth texture color can let a person feel from inside to outside nature of sexy.

  What makeup does the bridesmaid wear -- dynamic youth makeup

  Bridesmaid want to look some vitality of youth, you can use the powder blue, light green, light yellow and so on ordinary rarely use these color, can the feeling of energetic youth, but be light. The skin slants white bridesmaid, can try to use on eyelid flatly again, but must if dumb light fastens, do not bring bead light particle. The maid of honor with moderate skin color, can choose color eyeliner to replace black eyeliner, fine description. Want the eye ministry to be more outstanding, can be on the face other part weak draw, light cheek is red and natural lip color can raise the brightness of the eye ministry more.

  What does the maid of honor wear - casual pastoral makeup

  Build rural makeup, bridesmaid skin to have a high degree of clarity, and optional pastoral makeup bottom makeup must do well, foundation must be thin to thin, skin as long as the good people with a layer of powder is also possible. Collocation of hairstyle can be big or small volume, the most important thing is to have the feeling of casual, languid is lazy, so can let the bridesmaid looks both pure and fresh and pastoral feeling, also reveal a young people, suction eye extremely well.

  What does the maid of honor wear

  For such a happy, happy and bright atmosphere of marriage, bridesmaids are the best choice to be a pretty lady in pink. Pink dress requirement light makeup look less have burnish feeling, so at the time of make-up, bead light pen in eyebrow bone figure a figure, clavicle, with high carry bright, can make the bridesmaid features more have stereo feeling. Use pale pink blush, besides can let you look more rosy and healthy besides, also can have the feeling that face is like peach blossom.

  No matter what make up the maid of honor, the most important thing to remember is not too well, so as not to rob the bride elegant demeanour, as a bridesmaid in the wedding day but should foil the bride: oh, so both bridesmaid makeup to show oneself also cannot too high profile, this would require the bridesmaids grasp well. The above four bridesmaid dresses are very suitable for oh, believe in the wedding is an outstanding supporting role, can also harvest full peach flowers.

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It is important to be green and healthy when designing wedding menus

In addition to the wedding ceremony is the centerpiece of the wedding, the wedding is the centerpiece of the ceremony, the wedding banquet menu design is take new idea, make sure to let guests eat healthy and also want to eat happy. So what details should couples pay attention to when designing wedding menus? Today, let's take a look at the details of wedding menu design to make your wedding more perfect.   Details of wedding menu design 1. Fresh seasonal ingredients   When newlyweds design the wedding menu, the most basic point is to look at the ingredients, the ingredients must choose fresh season-season, so that the ingredients are healthier and safer. If most of the ingredients are refrigerated or dried, the nutritional value will be lost and the taste will not be as good as the fresh ingredients. The food material that should not season, it is planted in shed mostly, carry a lot of pesticide, also not the best choice. When the wedding banquet is customized, the bride and groom should clearly know the source of the food materials of the hotel, so as to ensure the health and safety of the food materials. It is also the new couple's responsibility to themselves and their guests.   2. Keep the cooking original   Nowadays, wedding banquet emphasizes healthy and green, so when designing wedding menu, we must pay attention to the cooking method of food materials, and only reasonable cooking dishes can guarantee the nutritional value of dishes. When cooking, it is best to keep the taste and taste of guessing. Dishes cooked by means of stewing, stewing, steaming and cooking will be healthier. Baked, Fried, Fried and other ways of cooking dishes will make the ingredients lose nutrition, and the second is not good for the body, this kind of dishes should be less arranged. General cooking oil, fruits and vegetables class recommended best low-temperature cooking seafood, meat dishes taste principle with low oil, low salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate, the principle of less such dishes will be more healthy.   3. The dishes should be meat and vegetable, dry and wet   The combination of dishes is an important factor in wedding menu design, which should not only satisfy the wedding banquet's happiness, but also consider the health factor. The wedding banquet that the bride and groom want meat and vegetable to match when menu design, low fat and healthy is more popular, whole chicken whole duck, big fish big meat wedding banquet already outdated, on wedding banquet can add a few vegetables and coarse food appropriately. Besides, dishes also note wet collocation, before meals to soup, appetizer, and moist intestines, the main course at the end of tens of thousands of, use can have satiety soup soup as a snack, conducive to digestion.   Read more atgreen bridesmaid dresses uk | gold bridesmaid dresses