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Customized wedding dress note


Custom wedding dress note 1: fabric selection varies from person to person

When making a wedding dress, choose satin, gauze, chiffon, lace, silk or other fabrics according to your preferences

Material. Satin is the most commonly used wedding fabric. Suitable for the most prominent line sense A shape wedding dress and fishtail wedding dress; Highlight gorgeous

The palace wedding dress and the large tail style wedding dress are also suitable for satin. Yarn fabrics are suitable for rendering atmosphere

Cascading style and Princess style wedding dress. Silk fabrics are suitable for straight body or fish with simple style and strong fashion sense.

The tail wedding dress is also suitable for Greek straight wedding or simple court wedding dress.

Custom wedding dress note two: the price of choice from the best

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The custom price of the wedding dress is recommended to be around 5,000 yuan. Because, after the wedding, this dress will be long as a souvenir

Time saving. Judging from the current custom wedding dress market, the price of about 5,000 yuan is enough to customize a style and quality comparison

Nice dress.

Custom Wedding Dress Note 3: Choose Style

First, go to the store to choose your favorite sample clothes. It is best to choose a more classic style, because the custom wedding dress needs forever

For a long time, the classic model can withstand the test of time. After choosing the style, pay attention to the details of the wedding dress design, if for some places

If you are not satisfied, you can communicate with the bridal shop and make appropriate changes within the allowed range. After all the questions have been communicated

When measuring, do not be too tight or it will be difficult on the wedding day.

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How does the bride choose her wedding dress


A bride with a short waist

The bride with short waist should not choose the wedding dress that has wide waistband, abdomen to have frill, and waistline has big bowknot also

Don't choose. The bride of this kind of figure had better choose to be able to match those who close waist underwear namely, on the circumference is constrictive, can lengthen corset line

The wedding dress of, and the waist does not have what special act the role of beautiful design on the waist, had better be to be able to match narrow small chatelaine, low waist or

Low V waist line.

How does a bride choose a dress that fits

A long-waisted bride

The bride with long waist should not choose the wedding dress with low waist or low v-shape of waist line and small waist belt. A bride of this size is the best

Choose princess design namely, of tie-in broad chatelaine, and waistline had better be to deserve to have big bowknot namely, there is frill in lower abdomen place

Wedding dress style.

A bride with a flat bottom

If it is this kind of shape of the bride do not choose tight skirt, and exaggerated shoulder style, the upper body decoration too much marriage

And no yarn. The best is to choose the abdomen and buttocks have ruffles wedding dress, and hip position but also a bow or floral,

Flash fabric, hip or thigh pleated style is best.

How does a bride choose a dress that fits

A bride with big hips

Bride with big hips should not choose shiny material, and her lower body should be decorated with horizontal pattern and skirt support, with ruffles in her lower abdomen and buttocks

The design that the ministry has drape does not choose. The bride of this kind of figure had better choose the wedding dress design that can match shoulder pad namely, such

Words can be used to balance the line of the upper body, and the skirt is the best place to use straight seam, the color of the dark cloth, the most

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What is important is the adornment of marriage gauze on peak, can divert the line of sight of people so.

A tall bride

Tall brides steer clear of tight styles, with horizontal stripes to match ruffles or ruffles, and lanterns

Sleeve, shiny fabrics with small accessories wedding dress, collar too high wedding dress is not suitable. A tall bride is more suitable

The style is loose, with straight lines, and look more beautiful, the best material is the dark dumb, and

Neckline design can be medium or low-cut, with some more exaggerated accessories will be better.

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Travel wedding photos have what style



Travel photography in wedding photography in the past two years by young people from the push, most of the young people more and more like travel photography, not only to take their favorite style of wedding photos can also go to their favorite place to play. So what are the styles of travel photos?

One, forest department brigade pat

Forest style is both fresh and artistic, lush green, all kinds of expensive flowers, lovely succulent plants, 1000 kinds of cactus, these fairy-tale scenery can let you good entry to take a picture of the wizard of oz forest female wedding. Shooting in this dreamlike landscape can round up a girl's fairy dream

Two, street travel shoot

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Street shooting is a style preferred by many modern young people. They usually choose the famous buildings and alleys in ancient cities to take photos, so as to leave a unique memory in their wedding photos while feeling the local historical features.

Three, the ocean department travel photography

The ocean department photography general view of the sea of the city, in the magnificent ocean photos both atmospheric and beautiful. In the shooting style of many Marine departments, there are not only sceneries at the seaside but also many underwater sceneries. In the beautiful underwater world, fish swim around their bodies. At this time, the world really belongs to you, which is quiet and dreamy.

Four, the national style tour pat

The shooting location of exotic style is usually the city of China's ethnic minorities. Generally, the shooting location is the city of national culture with a long history of Dali, lijiang and other cultures. In this exotic city, the selected wedding photos have a unique style and are featured by Chinese elegance.

Different types of people like different types of travel style, the above several travel style can be taken for your reference! Choose the style you like and leave a good memory for yourself.

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