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The prospective bride's milk whitening method is better for both internal and external use

 Cow milk contains rich protein and calcium is known to all, not only can strengthen physical health, also help beauty whitening, often drink milk can make skin become white water embellish, also has a lot of people since the milk made from a variety of mask is used to maintain skin, effect nature is very good. Take inside milk while cooperate exterior apply, whitening effect is doubled, teach you below milk whitening law, prospective bride did not come quickly term.

  Bride-to-be milk whitening method 1, take milk inside

  Milk has thirst quenching, moisten intestines, the effect such as clear heat aperient, tonify deficiency spleen, milk contains rich protein, vitamins and minerals, have natural moisturizing effect, easy be absorbed by skin, can prevent dry skin, and can repair the dry lines, have cleansing milk, soft skin and bleaching.

  Drink milk for a long time can make skin white, can drink a bottle of milk every morning and evening. And drink milk in the evening, can whiten already beautiful and calm mind, sufficient morpheus is to the skin maintain also have favour to have profit. Make a milk before sleeping to protect skin to maintain, the skin will be white tender the next day.

  Bride-to-be milk whitening method 2, milk whitening

  Milk is mild, so it doesn't matter if you use a mask every day. It doesn't irritate your skin. You can add milk to your face water, or you can use mask paper. Also can cooperate other material to use together, can have different effect, can maintain face skin pertinently. Conditional can bubble milk bath, let oneself whole body skin all white tender.

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Wedding gifts for female friends should be beautiful and meaningful

 Sending women friends wedding gifts, both need to imply good luck and happiness, but also need to be beautiful. What about the gifts? Take a look at these gifts for everyone. This is the best wedding gift.

  Wedding gifts for female friends: custom wedding decorations

  Present a gift to send is intention, female friends wedding gift can choose a custom crystal furnishing articles, glittering and translucent crystal has been very likeable, which add to the couple's wedding photos and very beautiful and memorable.

  Wedding gifts for female friends: couples pair glasses

  Wedding gifts and luck, such as more than the ceramic lovers peacock on the cup, the peacock is auspicious bird, a beautiful peacock symbol modelling couple wish happy married life, romantic and a good message.

  Wedding gift for female friends: music box crystal piano

  Crystal is beautiful women can't refuse, can send beautiful crystal piano music box, with the couple's romantic wedding photos, this is a very lovable romantic wedding gift.

  Wedding gift for female friends: dragon and phoenix bowl to bowl chopstick set

  The combination of the elegant and retro dragon and phoenix bowl to bowl pair chopsticks suit is a necessary item for wedding gift, which means that the dragon and phoenix are chengxiang, paired and round.

  Wedding gift for female friends: stuffed animals

  Can choose auspicious wedding plush dolls to be about to enter hall of female friends, the pear head cartoon dolls, moral whitehead and carrots (pear), don't abandon and carrots (pear), is there anything more than that win the favor of the couple?

  Wedding gift for female friends: a tea pillow

  Marriage sends the bride and groom the tea pillow implication high pillow carefree, the millennium repairs altogether pillow sleeps and so on, the choice a set of happy tea pillow delivers the female friend, very suit.

  Wedding gift for a female friend: combing

  Send newlywed couple red wooden comb moral "bear hair husband and wife, white head is inseparable", such implication is beautiful gift is the best bridal gift that gives female friend, friend.

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Daughter's wedding reception speech

 Ladies and gentlemen, today is my daughter xx and son-in-law xx's wedding day.

  First of all, I would like to extend a warm welcome and sincere thanks to all the guests. At the same time, to the two younger generation of love towards maturity into marriage and express good wishes! Marriage is the sublimation of love and the confirmation of life and life. Once love matures, the inevitable waiting is to enter the palace of marriage and establish a happy family. At this moment, we are gathered here to witness and bless this young couple's sweet love and happy marriage. Marriage is also a contract and a responsibility. It needs not only warmth and romance, but also humility, understanding and management. As elders, see you grow, mature and successful today, we feel very happy, and I sincerely hope that in the future you can respect, mutual love, mutual understanding, mutual aid, no matter rich or poor, whether health or disease, is for life, undivided attention, fidelity to love each other, in the journey of life, always fly wing to wing.

  Finally, I would like to thank every family member and friend here once again. I wish you a happy marriage, a happy family, a prosperous finances and a prosperous career. Thank you.

  Daughter's wedding reception speech 5

  In this peaceful and happy day, I welcomed my daughter and my husband's wedding celebration. At this moment, my mood is incomparable excitement, the mood is extra joy. On behalf of my family, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all my friends and relatives. Thank you for coming from your busy schedule to attend my daughter's wedding ceremony. Thank you again.

  Speech at daughter's wedding reception

  Dear guests, leaders, friends and relatives, good afternoon! Thank you for leaving your busy schedule behind and coming to our children's wedding. Today's banquet hall is covered with bright lights because of your presence. My wife and I, as well as our son, are very excited and grateful to you. Getting married and starting a career is an important part of the journey of life. If it was your parents who held your hands and completed the beginning of life, it will be you who hold hands and make life better! Parents bless you! I wish you from now on more mutual respect and love, mutual encouragement, a happy family, a successful career and a promising future. Finally, my family and I would like to thank all the guests, friends and family again. Thank you for your warmth, friendship, good luck and best wishes.

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