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Andrea Moore fashion label in liquidation

Andrea Moore fashion label in liquidation - expansion, road works cause 'perfect storm

Iconic Kiwi fashion brand Andrea Moore has gone into liquidation after nearly 20 years in business.

The label's managing director, Brian Molloy, said "highly damaging" late deliveries, crippling creditor payment defaults and extensive roadworks outside both its Auckland and Christchurch stores constrained trade for months.

The company hit a "perfect storm" in 2017, Molloy said on Tue

"Though we have a loyal customer base of over 30,000 our problems will be familiar to anyone conversant with the hugely capital-intensive nature of the industry which has become very discount driven affecting valuable margins."


* Kiwi fashion designer Andrea Moore's new clothing line to be sold in Farmers

* Andrea Moore takes glamour to the max

Andrea Moore has seven stores across Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch and employs 22 staff.


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The Vogue team reveal the fashion trends we want to see die in 2018

The Vogue team reveal the fashion trends we want to see die in 2018

It was the year of tailoring, deconstructed, well, everything, and boots that looked like socks — among others. But what are we happy to see the last of? Whether it be a shape or silhouette, a cut or colour, or even a particular style of bag, there were a few trends that came, conquered and now we’re ready to say goodbye to. Now, after twelve months of fashion weeks, street style and plenty of Instagram influencer collaborations, the Vogue team have rounded up the trends we hope to see the end of — sock boots included.

The calibre of names both in beauty and fashion vying to work with her – she recently returned from London with Tommy Hilfiger – means being able to explore new ways with well-traversed dress codes is a job requirement. It’s how she built a social media following of nearly a million and how she tackles wallpaper prints for evening. “I like to take risks with patterns and different materials, especially when it comes to editorials that I create,” she says.

The alternatives to glitzed eveningwear offered by designers on runways of late is, as Ellen puts it, the “not so cliche” way to do party dressing this time around. The varietals for resort filtered in through a nostalgic lens beginning in the vicinity of Ossie Clark and Biba, from Ellery’s 70s-tinged rust-and-yolk florals, Japanese paper-via-De Gournay florals at Diane von Furstenberg and the good-times vibes of Hawaiian patterns at Miu Miu and Stella McCartney. It is decadence and decorative with more than a pinch of the past; a look that wouldn’t be out of place on a Wes Anderson set, a creative with a particularly strong pull for Ellen.

“Wes Anderson is a genius!” she exclaims when we get on to the subject of film. “Growing up watching films was definitely a huge part of my life,” she says, remembering her stepfather stopping off at the DVD store to pick out films with her that ranged from classics to Westerns and Tarantino to Woody Allen. Recently, the coming-of-age Luca Guadagnino-directed Call Me By Your Name, with a soundtrack by Sufjan Stevens, caught her interest, as have short films, while she works on a 15-minute piece she’s written. “I have this new-found love of writing.”

Fittingly, it is late at night – the time when partywear gets its workout – that she finds most potent creatively. “Throughout the day I can sit in front of my laptop and try to write something for six hours and come up with two sentences. The moment the sun goes down [though] ... I can stay up till the late hours just writing or reading or editing.”

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In “Filthy,” Justin Timberlake

In “Filthy,” Justin Timberlake Upgrades Steve Jobs’s Iconic Uniform

Justin Timberlake has called his upcoming fifth studio album, Man of the Woods, a deeply personal collection of songs inspired by his family, his wife (Jessica Biel), and his Southern roots. As such, in the album trailer that he released a few days ago, the falsetto-voiced singer-songwriter plays the role of rugged cowboy—he runs in wheat fields with horses, he wears a flannel in a frosty forest, and he traverses a stream while Biel, speaking in a voiceover, proclaims that the album feels like “the mountains, trees, campfires, like Wild West.”

And yet, in his new video for his freshly released single, “Filthy,” Timberlake looks less like an extra in Brokeback Mountain and more like he’s moonlighting as Steve Jobs. Wearing a Todd Snyder turtleneck with wire-frame glasses, a simple pair of gray slacks, and classic white sneakers, Timberlake presents a dancing robot to a rapt audience as the keynote speaker of a tech conference. Perhaps he’ll ditch the cowboy hat yet again for a Silicon Valley–chic Patagonia fleece in his next video, but for now, enjoy watching that robot pull off some classic JT dance moves in the video, above.

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