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Victoria Beckham confirms debut store


Victoria Beckham has confirmed that she will open her eponymous brand's first bricks-and-mortar store on London's Dover Street in the autumn.


The designer has hired architect Farshid Moussavi, whose previous projects include the Olympic Park, to revamp the 7,000 sq ft, three-floor space, which sits opposite famed conceptual fashion store Dover Street Market. Plans include "drilling a massive hole through the middle" of the building's interior, Beckham told WWD .


"I think the time is now because I know my customer," she commented; her brand is now five years old.


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"It's young and cool," she said of the location. "There are great galleries in the area. There's Dover Street Market directly opposite of us, which is not a bad thing."


The debut store will be home to all the collections that fall under the Victoria Beckham umbrella: Victoria Beckham, Victoria Victoria Beckham, denim, optical and accessories.


Beckham is also celebrating the appointment of a New York office, which was announced in November 2013. The US outpost signals her determination to focus on American market.


"I'm taking my business very seriously… To take it to the next level, I need a team on the ground living and breathing everything here in America."


Of her high-fashion label, the former pop star believes it's her determination that's made it a success: "I did believe in creative visualization and I always had high hopes. I believed what I was doing and I think I have a strong point of view. I always hoped. I like to look at the big picture and I like to build things in the right way. I never went into this thinking that it would be a flash in a pan."

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Is L’Oréal Paris' Elvive Fibrology going to thicken our hair?


According to L'Oréal, 40 per cent of women in the UK struggle with fine hair, while most of us will suffer with some kind of hair thinning after the age of 30. In response, the brand has developed Elvive Fibrology which promises to put up the fight with Sol-Gel chemistry - the very same process used in the glass and automobile industry to repair cracked windscreens.


Yes it sounds weird, but it also sounds technical and that's exactly what we like when it comes to anti-ageing. Applying Sol-Gel chemistry, (which more specifically refers to the process by which a liquid turns into a solid in a moist atmosphere) to cosmetics is a breakthrough for L'Oréal, after studying the technique in collaboration with the University of Jussieu for 17 years.


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Making its way to the bottles of shampoo, conditioner and serum in L'Oréal's Elvive Fibrology range, the process now involves an active ingredient called Filloxane, which, when it comes into contact with wet hair, forms bonds with proteins and the hair shaft. As your hair dries, the Filloxane stays buried within each hair fibre, gradually linking the existing filaments (which bundle together to create what is known as a 'microfibril') together to form a thicker, stiffer, bulkier network inside each hair strand; they're calling this process 'fibrology.'


Scientists have cited a 60 per cent increase in hair strand width, and also said that the effect would last for up to 10 washes. Plus, the more you use the range, the thicker your hair gets; "the Filloxane penetrates individual hair strands, and stays there wash after wash giving fine hair more body, more volume and most importantly more thickness," says L'Oreal.


L'Oréal expects to publish their findings later this year, by which time our hair should be 60 per cent fuller.

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How to Plan a Wedding


Regardless of how much you have to spend, planning an amazing wedding is completely possible. If you’re cleaver with your choices and make smart decisions, you’ll be surprised how far you can make even the most meagre of budgets go.


While crunching numbers may be way less fun than, say, dress shopping, having a hold on your wedding finances will make things much less stressful overall and will help you to keep things in perspective. Yes, that Vera Wang one of a kind gown is incredible but do you really want to spend 90% of your entire wedding fund on it?


Most importantly though, having a budget protects your future. After all, you’re planning for a marriage here, not just a wedding, and you really don’t want to start married life under the shadow of a massive post-wedding debt.


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First things first, sit down with your fiancé and discuss what you can afford and how you’re going to pay for the wedding. If your parents are helping you out then you should include them in this too.


Although you might see this as ‘your big day’, your parents have probably been dreaming about this since you were born. Especially if they’re paying for or contributing in any way, you should include them in any major decisions. It’s unlikely that they’re going to write you a blank cheque and not see you until the day.


Ask your parents which parts of the wedding they’d like to be involved in. My mum really wanted to be included in the picking of my dress for example but wasn’t really bothered about the stationery. To make it easier and to avoid the ‘too many cooks’ syndrome, do the research yourself and then present them some options when it comes to selecting things (“We’re thinking about these three photographers at these prices. What do you think?”)


Start a savings account. You’ll be surprised how quickly it can build up. If you have a year long engagement and you save just £10 a week (that’s three cups of coffee shop coffee) in 12 month’s time you’ll have an extra £500 to spend! That could be the difference between your dream photographer, that incredible wedding cake or the most extravagant and beautiful shoes you’ve ever owned!


You should also think about how much you actually want to spend. Maybe you can afford a bigger wedding, but that doesn’t mean you have to spend everything you have. It might be better to pull back a little and save a nest egg for starting married life with.


The next thing you should do is to sit down and write down everything that, in an ideal world, you’d like to have at your wedding. Figure out how much these things are going to cost and then decide which of those are non-negotiable. Also consider what can be cut, DIYed or you might only have if a cheaper alternative can be found.


Below is a very rough guide of the average costs of certain things. I got to these numbers by speaking to various people in the UK wedding industry. Yes, you can spend much more or much, much less on some of these, but by having an idea in your head of average costs when hiring a professional you’ll be much better equipped when planning your budget.


You’ll notice that I haven’t included venues because this can vary so wildly depending on what you have. Exclusive hire of a stately home or hotel could set you back upwards of £30,000 whereas hiring a village hall, restaurant or bar for the evening could be as little as a few hundred pounds.


As you can see, this can all really add up quickly! When we did this for our own wedding we decided that we wanted to scrimp on things like stationery (we made our own) cake (my mum made it) and flowers (they’re gonna die anyway, right?) We also didn’t have a videographer but I really wish we did now. By cutting these things that we felt were less important we had more money to spend on the things we really wanted – a great venue, delicious food, lots of booze, and amazing photographers.


So don’t be afraid of the dreaded ‘B’ word. If you let it, your budget will be your best friend when planning your wedding. It will keep your head in check, but more than that, help you to plan a dream wedding that you can actually afford!

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