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Autumn Elopement in Oklahoma: Aimee & Adam

Aimee and Adam couldn’t have the wedding they originally planned, but not wanting to wait to get married they decided to keep things small and as simple as possible. It was just the two them and only really close family and friends in attendance at their Oklahoma Supreme Court ceremony.

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“We were married in the courthouse with family and close friends and then left them all behind to spend the day with each other and our dear friend and photographer, Cary Holton“, Aimee began. “We ate lunch at one of our favorite spots, took pictures in our vintage/oddities shop, The Salvage Room, and shared a shot of Jameson instead of champagne. We spent most of the day in an overgrown field taking pictures, and laughing. It was intimate, non-traditional and so special.”


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Both lovers of Autumn, the wedding took place in November. Their outfits also reflected this with the bride wearing a brown dress from Madewell and the groom in a shirt and tie from J Crew. “We actually chose to get married the way we did because Aimee was on her death bed in the hospital on the day we were originally to marry. When she was better, a lot of people told us to wait to have the wedding we had planned”, Adam continued. “But the bond that was formed between us during such scary and trying times made us not want to wait any longer to vow our lives to one another.”


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“We spent almost nothing on our wedding!” they concluded. “We already owned most of our attire and with the generosity of our friends, we were able to avoid spending large amounts of money of flowers or photography.”


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“We loved the special day we had but we did have a whole backyard wedding planned before Aimee got sick. I hope down the road, on an anniversary or something, we can renew our vows and have the wedding that never came to fruition. Our advice to other couples would be to spend time with each other on your big day! Don’t get wrapped up in trivial details and forget what the day is about. Throw on a dress, and a tie and spend the day enjoying one another. It can be so simple if you want it to.”

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How to find love online: Pose with a dog in a park, list yoga among your hobbies and don't post bathroom selfies or talk about your cat!

Looking for love online can be a digital minefield but if you want someone to swipe right on Tinder, all you need to do is pose with a dog in a park and say you do yoga, according to a new survey.

The research, which looked at how you can impress online, revealed that steering clear of using the phrase 'my cats' or taking bathroom selfies is important when landing a date.

And listen up lovelorn men! The study found that having someone take a picture of you on a sunny day in a park with trees in the background and a dog by your side gives the impression you are friendly and caring, but rugged at the same time.

However, when it comes to pets, it's a fine line. Mentioning cats and dogs is deemed OK, but use the phrase 'my cats' or 'my dog' and the appeal can be drastically diminished so pets are a tricky business.


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For women, a natural look, without pouting, in an outdoor setting gets the most attention.

Selfies are becoming less acceptable for both men and women with bathroom selfies being a particular turn off (take note, Kim Kardashian).

The words used by both sexes are also crucial in attracting the right people to your profile.

For male users, words such as 'spontaneous', 'ambitious', 'funny' and 'adventurous' got the most attention, while popular phrases for females included 'athletic', 'partner', 'honest' and 'adventurous'.

Researchers found that the most popular profiles all mentioned an energetic hobby including running (76 per cent), going to the gym, (68 per cent) and yoga (47per cent).

Being open to new ideas and seeing new places also featured highly on the best profiles.

A spokesperson for Skout, who commissioned the survey, said: 'Long gone are the days of only meeting people at your local pub or coffee shop.

'We live in an age where online socialising can be a really meaningful and effective way to forge new personal bonds. The majority of people in our markets are now looking to the internet as a way of meeting new, exciting people.'

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Style file: Hawaiian shirts: Totally tropical taste

Hawaiian shirts are naff. They’re the nadir of style, everything anyone with an ounce of fashion consciousness is supposed to despise. They’re brash, they’re crass, mass-manufactured and usually synthetic. Tasteless tourist-trap tack designed to barely outlast a holiday.

Why then, are they everywhere? And by everywhere, I don’t mean dodgy beach bars in Magaluf and Ayia Napa, but on the spring/summer menswear catwalks of fashion leaders, like Saint Laurent, Kenzo, Junya Watanabe and Prada. The high street has inevitably followed suit, and is currently awash with campy sunset-scene shirts and lurid hibiscus prints. They’ll be coming to a back near you anytime soon.


They may already be there, as the reclamation of the Hawaiian shirt from fashion’s refuse bin has been going on for a few years. It started on the skinny streets of East London and Williamsburg in Brooklyn, by cool cliques attracted to the notion of these shirts as a fashion no-go zone. It’s hip to be square, it seems, and the no-no naffness and retro referencing of the hyper-coloured Hawaiian was a natural stylistic riposte to the all-black neo-Goth look laid to rest about five years ago.




Maybe it’s more about who’s been wearing it, rather than the garment itself: those cooler-than-thou types always provide the inspiration for Hedi Slimane’s Saint Laurent. And where Slimane points, others follow. Likewise Miuccia Prada, although her exploration of the style was tied up in the Fifties’ vacation theme of her menswear show, models toting tropical-print luggage against blown-up picture-postcard backdrops. Her commitment to authenticity was such that the shirt was rendered in slippery rayon, rather than luxed-up silk, and even a redesigned logo featuring a kitschy mid-century curvilinear font that could have graced the label inside an original Fifties’ Aloha shirt.


Those Prada shirts are, of course, investment pieces (they retail from £450). However, the Hawaiian shirt was originally a cheap and cheerful impulse buy for American tourists keen to take a souvenir of their Polynesian vacation home with them. And, obviously, to show it off to their friends. My instinct is that that’s the best way to enjoy the current renaissance of the Hawaiian shirt – a quick, easy and highly-visible high-street fix somewhere in the lower double-digit prices. After all, their co-option by the everyman possibly signals the death of the high-fashion version of the style. Aloha today, gone tomorrow. But have fun while the sun shines.

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