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When should firecrackers be set off at the wedding

The tradition of setting off firecrackers at weddings has always been deeply rooted in Chinese people. Even in today's poor air quality, it is not reasonable to say that it is ok not to set off firecrackers at weddings. For the purpose of setting off firecrackers is to draw a happy head, ensure peace, attract wealth, ward off evil spirits, drive away bad luck, and cheer to the neighborhood. When do we need to set off firecrackers at the wedding? How to set off firecrackers properly?   When do we need to set off firecrackers at the wedding   1. Before the departure of the groom's bridal party;   2. When the bridal party arrives at the bride's residence;   The bride and groom arrive at the new house.   4. Arrive at the hotel or wedding venue;   5. After the wedding reception (discharge fireworks).   How to set off firecrackers properly   Don't use an open flame.   When discharge, use incense sticks as far as possible, avoid using matches, lighters and other open fires. Because, if the open fire meets the wind, it is easy to see the unstable flame seedling, the ignition position of the lead wire is not easy to control, and it is easy to cause danger.   2. When "out" occurs, do not approach the lead easily.   That is, after fireworks are lit, if fireworks and firecrackers are not immediately set off, do not easily come forward to check, do not extend your head, close your eyes to check, do not turn over fireworks and firecrackers. Fireworks that have been extinguished cannot be set off again.   3. Timely recovery.   For the empty tube and debris after the fireworks and firecrackers are set off, after the fireworks are set off, they shall be cleaned with iron clamps, brooms and other tools, and the collected items shall be properly handled. As a result of these recycled materials, there may be some fireworks, or residual gunpowder, must not be burned;   4. The large hanging whip shall be set off.   In this way, the sound of firecrackers goes further. The most important thing is to prevent the firecrackers from exploding together at the same time. If thousands of firecrackers explode at the same time, it is like a small bomb.   Read more at:pink bridesmaid dresses |red bridesmaid dresses uk