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Palones Is The Cool New British Brand You Need On Your Radar

Nothing quite beats the feeling of discovering a new fashion label - especially when it looks luxury, but is actually pretty affordable. So, when we discovered that British brand Palones had recently launched, we paid attention.

With its roots firmly in London’s vibrant creative scene, this high-quality collection of sassy designer pieces is mostly made from existing archive fabric and accessories. The range is limited edition with hero pieces restricted to only 100 garments, each of which will not be reproduced, meaning you don't have to worry about bumping into somebody wearing the same outfit as you.

The designs are slick and modern - think a soft-touch utility range, deconstructed trenches and colour block teddy coats. The latest collection boasts affordable pricing, with the most expensive pieces ranging up to £300. And for the quality and finish, this brand is worth the price.

Unlike other labels who design their collections months in advance, Palones can turn around a new design in just a few weeks, meaning they can drop of-the-moment styles every month. But as mentioned, the brand is conscious of their impact on the environment. What do they do to help? Well, first and foremost, their clothes are built to last, so you won't find yourself throwing them out after the season has ended. As for fabrics, the mills that they source them from are local to the factories where the garments are made, which reduces the need to transport materials between facilities. Their packaging is fully recyclable, too and any unused fabrics are donated to local fashion colleges.

Speaking about the brand, Creative Director Kimmy Kim told Grazia, 'We used state-of-art software to ensure precision cuts, and I'm so proud of the Palones fit. I’ve also incorporated clever style details, so the outfits can be continually re-imagined and re-styled.'Read more at:bridesmaid dresses online store | cheap bridesmaid dresses

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Hailee Steinfeld looked drop dead gorgeous as she attended Met Gala as she missed on her prom and school dance

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The former child actress Hailee Steinfeld recently sat down with Adam White to talk about her experiences. Yes, the one where she played Emily Dickinson for Apple TV. In addition to this, she also shared her feeling forth her Oscar nominations at the tender age of 14 years. And she also revealed as to why everything was crafted harder by True Grit starting then.

Yes, it was 2011 when Hailee attended a fundraiser at age 14. Hailee Steinfeld stood out of the bunch of celebrities attending Met Gala. And it was a dream to watch her walk the red carpet of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala in NYC. Well, it was her 9th time in a row on the fine Monday evening.

The 22-year-old Pitch Perfect stunner blinded everyone in her avant-garde gown designed by Viktor and Rolf. And the dress had a message engraved on its light green tulle skirt. The quirky dress had a quirky word that spoke of clicking no photos. The actress and musical artist had long sleeves on her dress with a high neck top with a hint of purple.

And as moving down, the top had a lime green hue on it. Also, there was a black belt around the middle of her waist that synched it down. And brought forward her curves. And she finished the look wearing brunette locks with a Jennifer Behr bow tied on it. Well, her over the top curls had the volume that was hard to miss.

The Bumblebee actress put on a bold makeup look with green eyes, which were a creation of makeup artist Carolina Gonzalez. For the lips, they just added a hint of nude pink. And Hailee carried a camera clutch that complimented with her over-the-top attire. Later, this beauty arrived at Met Gala afterparty wearing a white mini dress at the Stanford Hotel.

And we have to say, both her looks blew our minds, and she looked delicious. She pulled both the looks in an awesome way and brought forward the whole camp theme of Met Gala.

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