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Fashion Forest Seduction

A colourful, interactive exhibition is on display at Wollongong Art Gallery.

Sydney artist Rosie Deacon describes Fashion Forest Seduction as an "immersive installation that is playful, inviting, strange and bizarre".

The installation is an interactive multi-sensory experience, including costumes, wearables, sculpture, sound and video made by the artist and workshop participants.

Deacon worked with people of varying abilities and ages from numerous organisations to construct wearables to be used on the exhibition runway.

She said the installation is open to and suitable for people of varying abilities to participate in whatever way suits them.

Participants are welcome to wear what they have made, dress up in costumes provided to walk down the runway and see themselves live on a big screen.

This week, Deacon has been running workshops with various groups, helping participants make their own soft sculptures inspired by the exhibition.Read more at:bridesmaid dresses online store | one shoulder bridesmaid dresses

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