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Shanghai Fashion Week

Shanghai Fashion Week

The GALALAND, a brand new dress release platform designated by the Shanghai Fashion Week Organizing Committee, has the theme of "playthings are still quality". The SS2019 custom show has successfully ended, drawing a perfect end to Shanghai Fashion Week.

The source of the world, everything is born. The light of the sun from the sky, the water from the earth, nourishing the living power of the world. With the inspiration and gifts of all things, the Chinese designer brand WANG FENG draws inspiration from the "things" of nature and builds a 2019 spring and summer series of dresses. Through exquisite craftsmanship and aesthetic design, it presents a beautiful romantic mood. On the day of the event, the famous actors Wang Lin, Wang Duruoxi, Hai Lu, Zhangmeng, and Wen Xin made elegant appearances. Huangziheng, a fashionable male, and Liu Chang, the host of Dragon TV, helped to explore with the guests the joy of all things.

The land and the sea are like the starting point for everything to inhabit and sustain everything. In this season's series of designs, lush forests, vast oceans and vast land are quietly presented in

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every detail of the show, and Hua Chang's steps seem to travel through time and space, elegant from the natural ramps. The brilliant and vivid colors collide with each other, elegant advanced gray background color and excellent custom lace Xiangyingchenghui, superb hand-painted and embroidery techniques concentrate to show the brand's craftsmanship and unremitting pursuit. In addition, this season's new product cleverly integrates the design concepts of splicing and deconstruction to show multiple visual changes in profile and detail. Designer Wangfeng used the creative method of fashion dresses to reorganize the elements of perception, switch through the microscopic and macroscopic perspectives, explore the natural world of multidimensional three-dimensional, and interpret the "things" in faith with an ingenious combination of abstraction and concrete images. Style.

All things are spiritual, giving unlimited inspiration and enlightenment, combining "hand-made customization" with "complicated nature" with artistic aesthetics, requiring designers to control the material, color, and decoration with great precision. Designer Wangfeng, with his inherent creativity and keen perception, fades away from the usual shackles, will be simple and complicated, practical and exquisite, free and soft and beautiful perfect combination, opening a new era of modern dresses. The industry commented that Wangfeng's work is "eternal due to continuous creativity." He uses a light-hearted design, unique visual impact, comfortable and natural fabrics, and shows the pure beauty of nature to interpret the unique charm of women.

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