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Korean wedding props


Item 1: Petal rain

Dry petals are used to create an atmosphere or icing on the cake, but also help to shoot aesthetic beauty.

matters needing attention

Flower rain is the most important tool for creating happiness in Korean wedding photos. Such wedding photos pay attention to instant photos and photos.

The effect is the natural look of the new person. It is very important to control the amount of flowers and flowers, the new head above the sprinkle less

The number can be, in order to prevent floating to the face of the new person, affecting the effect of the photo, on the contrary, the number of weeks can be greater. Do not seek quantity,

This led to poor results.

Item 2: Stairs

Whether it is a rotating staircase or an ordinary ladder, as long as the scene is right, you can take very beautiful photos.

matters needing attention

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It is recommended to choose a small, exquisite or simple atmosphere of stairs. The choice of elements is preferably a cable staircase and a wooden staircase.

Can reflect the warm feeling of the wedding photos inside.

Item 3: Mirror

Using a mirror as a prop is the most suitable for the bride's shape, can also create a different feeling and atmosphere. In the mirror.

The bride seems to be more able to reflect the bride's gentle temperament.

matters needing attention

There is no great limitation on the choice of mirrors. As long as the appearance of mirrors is simpler, too complicated mirrors will be separated.

Some attention to the bride. The big mirror is suitable for the vision, and it tests the bride's ability to pose. Small mirrors fit close together

, especially the way the bride dresses up. This kind of viewing the bride only needs to take into account the appearance.

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