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Customized wedding dress note


Custom wedding dress note 1: fabric selection varies from person to person

When making a wedding dress, choose satin, gauze, chiffon, lace, silk or other fabrics according to your preferences

Material. Satin is the most commonly used wedding fabric. Suitable for the most prominent line sense A shape wedding dress and fishtail wedding dress; Highlight gorgeous

The palace wedding dress and the large tail style wedding dress are also suitable for satin. Yarn fabrics are suitable for rendering atmosphere

Cascading style and Princess style wedding dress. Silk fabrics are suitable for straight body or fish with simple style and strong fashion sense.

The tail wedding dress is also suitable for Greek straight wedding or simple court wedding dress.

Custom wedding dress note two: the price of choice from the best

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The custom price of the wedding dress is recommended to be around 5,000 yuan. Because, after the wedding, this dress will be long as a souvenir

Time saving. Judging from the current custom wedding dress market, the price of about 5,000 yuan is enough to customize a style and quality comparison

Nice dress.

Custom Wedding Dress Note 3: Choose Style

First, go to the store to choose your favorite sample clothes. It is best to choose a more classic style, because the custom wedding dress needs forever

For a long time, the classic model can withstand the test of time. After choosing the style, pay attention to the details of the wedding dress design, if for some places

If you are not satisfied, you can communicate with the bridal shop and make appropriate changes within the allowed range. After all the questions have been communicated

When measuring, do not be too tight or it will be difficult on the wedding day.

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