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Wedding photos at night


Night wedding photos give people hazy beauty, has become one of the current trend of wedding photos style, enjoy the night wedding photos

See which one fits you.

The red color of the sunset is so bright, just like the blood of the revolutionary martyrs dyed red. It's like burning in the sky

A ball of fire. Pure white clouds dotted with the beautiful red sunset. Some clouds are dyed pink, others remain

Wearing the original white, like the setting sun mother wore a string of color pearl necklace.

2 like the angel chasing love, seriously and with love to fold a thousand paper cranes, the dream of love and fingerprint tenderness, together with a thousand paper

Crane's wonderful, together to fly to the river of love, the seeds of love, scattered in the muddy soil, waiting for love wish to open

The results.

If one kind of happiness is to have love, then the loss of love may be another kind of happiness; To get is a kind of happiness; lose

Maybe it's another kind of happiness.

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You meet a person, you love him more, so, you will always lose him. Then you meet someone who loves you

A little more, and you'll leave him sooner or later. Until one day, you meet a person, you love each other. Finally understand,

All searches, also has a process. Once upon a time in tianya, now very near.

When the sunset fades its glare, it becomes as red as the setting sun,

In the air to leave the "red face", suddenly sky caixia flying. Sunset, reflecting a blossoming gorgeous rays, deep feeling

Overlooking the earth, the vast sky in the sunset sunset appears so beautiful, is so kind, passion warmly embrace


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