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Tips for making up a bride's long face


Long face shapes convey a sense of seriousness, and there are thoughtful questions about the makeup techniques for brides. slightly

If not, the whole face will look lifeless.

Long face: a long face is characterized by a high hairline and forehead, a long nose and chin, and thin, bony cheeks

Facial muscles are not full enough. The ratio of face length to width is greater than 4:3. A long face gives the impression of calm and calm

Rely on, have character, but the same lack of female tenderness, it is not angry.

1, foundation: if double buccal depression or forehead is narrow small, should be in double buccal and forehead besmear the foundation that moves with light color, cause smooth shadow, make

Get fuller.

2, eyebrow: when revising, should make its arc, must not have edges and corners. The position cannot too high and have horn, eyebrow especially should not tall

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Become warped.

3, eyes: eyes are mainly the tail to both sides of the elongation, eyeliner to achieve. Be sure to draw the eye up and down wide, up and down

Play shadow, because long face shape this kind of slant narrow face is easier to decorate, and the main position of the trim is strengthened in

Forehead and chin. Too much eyeliner and brows will make the face look narrower and longer.

4, cheek is red: the curve place that is formed in the highest place of zygomatic and temporal lower part, wipe up outward next. From the front

Stay away from your nose.

Lips: but apply a little thicker. Two buccal depression becomes narrow small person, appropriate in hind two parts apply light pink bottom becomes smooth shadow, make its show

Get fuller.

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