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As a traditional Chinese wedding dress,


There are a lot of exquisite and taboo in the selection and wearing, today for you to talk about a variety of Chinese style dress "bogey" and "appropriate"!

A bogey · wear small phoenix fairy

1. Why can't I wear the phoenix at the beginning of the article?

On the one hand, impatiens were worn in the ancient times when the side room or concubines were introduced.

The second reason is that the workmanship and embroidery of phoenix phoenix are far inferior to dragon and phoenix gown and xiuhe dress.

2, Chinese dress looks the same, how to tell it is a phoenix?

Now the Chinese style dress mainly has the cheongsam, the dragon phoenix gown, xiuhe clothing, phoenix phoenix and so on. Qipao is easy to identify, because it is the only one of the top and bottom of the dress

Two bogey · wear marry clothes twice

Orthodox Chinese style wedding clothes, that is, dragon and phoenix gown, xiuhe clothing, pay attention to "a, marry a". Therefore:

1, the same Chinese wedding day can not be worn twice

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Someone said, "I will wear a dragon and phoenix gown when I get married, change my wedding dress when I get married, and change back to my previous gown when I make a toast. Is that ok?"

That is not possible under the "" once for all, once for all" "principle. If the wedding day wore a Chinese style wedding dress, or have been wearing, or take off after don't put on again, also should not wear two sets of wedding clothes in a day, otherwise equivalent to marry twice in a day, unlucky.

If you definitely want to wear a Chinese dress twice, you can go out or wear a dragon and phoenix gown or a xiuhe dress at the ceremony, and change to a cheongsam or a modified Chinese dress when toasting, because the latter is not a proper wedding dress, it is ok.

2, return to the door/ning, can no longer wear orthodox Chinese wedding dress

Similarly, if you are going to have two weddings, it is best to only wear a gown or gown for the first wedding and not for the second or return/return feast.

If you want to wear a Chinese dress for another wedding, you can also wear a cheongsam or a modified Chinese dress.

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