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Wedding dress matching


1. Matching qipao:

In the wedding, the bride wearing a cheongsam is the most can reflect the charm of moving charm, if the bride chose a cheongsam, the groom's formal attire can choose zhongshan suit or black suit, if you choose a suit, but also pay attention to can wear a tie, but must not tie a bow tie, otherwise it will appear neither good nor good.

2. Matching xiuhe clothes:

In the Chinese wedding, if the bride chose a dignified and festive xiuhe clothing, the groom should wear a modified coat, the top of the dark flowers and embroidery should also match with the bride's clothing.

3. Matching the dragon and phoenix jacket:

If the bride chooses the dragon and phoenix gown, and the groom chooses the long gown, there will be no mistake. The jacket shows the status, is expensive, and matches the bride's Chinese wedding dress perfectly.

4. Frame phoenix coronet and robes:

Rank refers to the dress worn by wealthy women to show honor. Also refers to the ancient noble women and the court GaoFeng myobu costume. According to the ancient Chinese wedding, the bride wears the phoenix coronet and robes of rank, and the bridegroom should wear the gown of top rank. At the wedding, the bride wore a bright red brocade robe, the clothes are embroidered with phoenix, elegant, gorgeous and moving, the groom wearing a kirin embroidered uniform, awe-inspiring.

5. Matching weekly hanfu:

Hanfu wedding refers to the wedding in the traditional clothing of the han nationality. In fact, hanfu wedding gowns are made in zhou, tang and Ming dynasties. Except the bride wears phoenix coronet and robes of rank, and the bridegroom wears the first rank suit, the bridegroom generally wears the corresponding red dress. But when the bride wears red zhou han fu, the groom's costume is mostly black. At this time, the groom should wear a robe, the upper part is black, the cuffs are red, with a black pattern, the lower part of the robe is red, also with a black pattern, the groom wears a crown, the bride is tied up, looking very solemn.

6. Modified Chinese dress:

Under the circumstance that the bride chooses xiu he fu or ameliorate Chinese style formal attire, the Chinese tunic suit of straight, solemn and upright can say is best collocation. In particular, the improvement of the zhongshan suit, in the zhongshan suit on the basis of the button will be replaced by plate buckle, with the bride's dress, fully reflect the men's weian and yingqi.

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Western wedding ~ the groom don't wear old black shoes, from head to foot a black, let the groom and the elderly guests draw a direct equal sign, like the evening sun red band lead singer.

It is true that black shoes and socks should be worn on very formal occasions, but "very formal occasions" refers to funerals or meetings with state leaders. Want to solve to wear what leather shoes to match what sock, small take charge of the design that suggests you to choose leather shoes first. The style is not necessarily fancy, but must have the detail that you like.

Chinese wedding ~ traditional wedding dress and hanfu can be worn with black cloth shoes or red shoes. Zhongshan suit can be matched with simple and generous leather shoes.

You handsome bridegrooms, do not have to worry about becoming the green leaves on the wedding, you are also the protagonist!

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