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Standard suit


For the small white-collar workers who just entered the society, the cost of the wedding is a large expenditure, in order to prepare a high specification wedding dress, usually no opportunity to wear, cost-effective is not high; Rented gowns don't fit easily. The same may be true not only for the groom, but also for the wedding guests, especially the VIP. - a wedding suit that works, of course.

Gray suits and blue suits are highly recommended. Gray is one of the most popular mainstream colors, which can be well matched with various types of color shirts, ties, can be worn in most occasions, gray suit well covers the wedding and work occasions, gray tie with a more solemn, if the color bow tie, it appears lively and festive. The two styles are optional.

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The blue suit is a practical color. The blue of high lightness, be like sky blue, lake blue, can give a person a kind of anacreontic, the feeling of sunshine; The blue of low lightness, if deep blue, can give a person calm, low-key feeling. The blue with high lightness is more recreational, the blue with low lightness is more formal. Men who prefer a lower profile can opt for a darker shade of blue or navy. The man that likes make public style can choose a bit brighter blue. In addition to a tie, a blue bow tie is also romantic.

The easiest way to transform a work outfit into a wedding outfit is to change the accessories. Boutonniere (lapel flower) is a small ornament that best reflects the wedding atmosphere

Boutonniere is all handmade and USES more real flower materials. Common flowers include canel, lily of the valley, peony and rose. Don't? Can let marriage celebrate a company to offer. Had better not use gules cheap silk cloth to write "sina" corsage, soil.


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