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Bride hair


1. The long curl with flexuous and natural hair comes round to a side body before, optional and pure and fresh, in hair end place makes up a loose 3 plait, elegant and attractive

, rustic anadem is encircled before the forehead, between brown hair, blend in integral style, as if the daughter of nature, wrap

White wedding dress, waiting for the arrival of prince charming.

2. It is also a very beautiful and lovely bride hair style, which braids the fashionable brown long hair.

The bang braid that undertakes along bang and side type tie a hair to still have the white flower hair that adorns to act the role of more the grace that shows a bride is lovely wind


3. It is also a stylish bride hair style, which combines fresh and low-key brown long hair into a low bun

Cheng looks like a simple and lovely bride from the front of the short hair, and with thick bangs modeling is also very prominent

The cuteness of the bride.

Girls who love to braid their hair in plaits can't help but check out this exquisite bride plaited hair style, which will be long and stylish in brown

Hair undertakes braid to braid hair, form a delicate dish to send hairstyle again, with the hair of white of the top of head act the role of photograph build same very show bride

Lively and lovely feeling.

5 side points long bangs decorated a delicate aesthetic face, green vines decorated hair, flowers in full bloom, a small interpretation of the summer

Pure and fresh.

6 simple bride style short hair, short hair girls do not think that short hair is not good for the bride style do, like this simple

In bride bingle modelling is very apparent relaxed and lovely feeling, the design of slant hair and black bingle modelling are likewise qing chun is attractive.

7 a lovely in also show elegant temperament of the bride hair style, the top of the head is braid hair method and fresh air sense liu

The sea and the back of the head simple braid hair photograph is taken, pure and fresh hair color more add bride qing chun is melting wind.

8. A lovely and sweet fan full Korean bride long hair style, fresh no bangs styling design most show the groom's face

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Small melting feeling, and cooperate this kind of romantic long curly hair and pure and fresh and fashionable brown dye hair more the aesthetic pure and pure feeling that shows a bride.

Get married day, long hair dish rises, a bundle of wen wan low hair bun is flashing pure and fresh temperament, do an ornament with hair belt more show melting

, the long bang that two buccal come loose gives pure and beautiful and moving face, cardiac index explodes.

10. When it comes to bride hair style, how can it be short of such a most beautiful Korean bride hair style? Simply curl your hair

Undertake delicate dish hair is done, and the modelling design that cooperates this to do not have bang type and flower hair act the role of more show pure and fresh only beautiful wind.

11. Compared with the noble atmosphere of high bun, low bun hair exudes a gentle and simple sense, 28 side distribution, smooth hair

", emblazoned with hair accessories is more aesthetic, and brown hair color fashion sense is full.

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