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Wedding floral knowledge


Introduction to wedding floral:

Long ago, brides at weddings often wore floral arrangements and mint. Until today the wedding began to use a lot of flowers. Floral art can bring people happiness and luck, and let the guests in the wedding to be blessed. Now the meaning may have changed a little, but the traditional form of floral art in the existence of the wedding has not changed.

In the book, the famous flower master Robert Koene took Greece as the main project city, selected the most beautiful sites, and presented various gorgeous wedding activities with amazing flower design ability, including: the lavish wedding in the acropolis center of Athens; Country-style weddings on wine estates; A beach wedding on a mysterious island; An exotic wedding; Elegant wedding at the temple of swann; On a warm winter day.

Wedding floral history:

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In the early days of ancient Greek and Roman times, garlands were often seen in wedding ceremonies to bring good luck and avoid bad luck during the year. It was not until the mid-19th century that floriculture began to come into contact with people's life and fashion.

Different countries and cultures have different meanings for flowers, such as love, friendship, joy, purity and luck. Even though some of the meanings of flowers are not accepted by people today, we still associate some meanings with the kinds of flowers. For example, the relationship between red roses and love is very close.

In early Roman weddings, floral arrangements and mint were often used to ensure good luck in the future and to avoid bad luck. In ancient Greece, the ivy was a symbol of enduring love.

American wedding floral: jazz musicians lead wedding guests from the church to the ceremony area, followed by bridesmaids carrying floral umbrellas in Louisiana.

British wedding floral: the bride walks with her wedding guests through the church. A young woman leads her wedding guests through a hallway covered with petal petals, which means she will be as happy as a flower in her future life, accompanied by flowers every day.

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