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The classic qipao bride hairstyle shows your graceful and graceful

On their wedding day, many brides choose an elegant qipao as a toasting dress. Bring you the classic cheongsam bride hair style, fully show your graceful and graceful, so that the groom can't move your eyes.

Classic cheongsam bride hair style 1: Korean style hair style

The classic qipao bride hairstyle shows your graceful and graceful

Korean hairdo

Elegant Korean style dish hair style matchs the embroider qipao of big red, concise but not simple, refined and not vulgar suit, the incisive and incisive that deduces the delicate and shy gentle beauty of the bride fully, have classic lasting appeal very much.

Classic qipao bridal hairstyle 2: fluffy low bun

Bouffant bun

Bouffant low bun hairstyle suits the bride that hair quantity is not much very much, the bang of big coil decorates with delicate hair act the role of go up, match again go up the big red cheongsam of pure silk, full-bodied feminine flavour reveals completely. Like the beautiful lady coming out of the painting, affectionate, implicit, gentle, elegant!

Classic qipao bride hair style 3: retro style hair

Retro hair

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Since to a traditional wedding, with elegant red peony embroidery qipao, you might as well come to one dish hair hair style restoring ancient ways, the hair from the side tied low knots, from delicate hairpin of holding up, elegant fair maiden temperament of atmospheric stand out immediately!

Classic qipao bride hair style 4: low bun hair

Do your hair in a low bun

Want to classical and graceful and restrained the modern fashionable breath brides, might as well to try the low bun hair, black hair, bright, submissive, jubilant red cheongsam, unexpectedly will classical graceful and restrained and modern fashion the perfect combination together, goddess temperament is dye-in-the-wood.

Classic qipao bride hair style 5: partial bang bang hair

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