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Garlands on the back of chairs

On the yellow chair, there is a white cushion in the seat. Fix the two tulips into a wreath and hang them on the back of the chair.

Peach blossom chair back decoration

It must have been in the peach garden held a romantic wedding, pink and white collocation is better, in this particular environment, the adornment of the back of the chair would be much simpler, directly under a pink lace, harvesting should be fixed to the chair of white, that is the best decorated with the back of the chair. Of course, if the bride and groom are lovers of flowers, if reluctant, you can also choose artificial flowers, I believe it will be very outstanding.

The back of the star - covered ball chair is decorated

The full sky star contains pure, romantic meaning, also is the adornment flower that appears frequently on all sorts of wedding. Here chose full sky star as the decoration of the back of the chair, in cooperation with a clean, romantic lawn wedding, is the best choice. The starry ball is tied to the original wooden chair, revealing a literary style.

Colorful striped back decoration

The top of the chair is wrapped in sackcloth, wrapped in red ribbon for two weeks, and tied with ribbon of different colors on the back of the chair. It must be a rainbow themed romantic wedding. If be, that collocation such as the back of the chair is in good, already echo a theme, foil to live elegant romantic atmosphere again. Related reading: the wedding scene color collocation seven you must know the collocation error

Lavender floral back decoration

Such chair back adornment appears concise, atmosphere, decorous. The artistic lavender is tied directly on the back of the chair, and the ribbon that binds lavender did a big bowknot processing, appear romantic and clinking. Lavender flower language is waiting for love, on this romantic wedding, you wait for your romantic love? This is not only a good wish for the new couple, but also a good wish for the single men and women who come to the wedding.

The back of the tassel chair is decorated

Dark red tassel hanging on the back of the chair, just to watch the color is very happy, and a single tassel also seem to be very concise, coupled with the golden chair, on the colour collocation is very harmonious. Simple but not concise, monotonous and do not lose color.

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Bouquet + floral ball chair back decoration

First use a soft flowers into a wreath, then all kinds of flowers into a red, then a combination of these, the collocation of red, yellow, green is very warm, will this bouquet is sticky on the back of the chair, and on the back of the chair and fastened the pink fabric, swaying. Appears very elegant, romantic.

Colorful ribbon bowknot back decoration

Orange color bar with brown color of the mutual collocation, in the white plugs into a big bow on the back of the chair, on the vision to form bright color contrast, high-end, such collocation also is very atmospheric. Have tried is the new person of minimalism, also can choose such chair back adornment.

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