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How does bridal wedding dress save marriage marriage marriage gauze should keep so

Wedding dress, in wedding always can let the bride bloom the most beautiful radiance now, in a lot of bride can choose to customize to belong to oneself marriage gauze, that bride wedding dress how to keep? Here's how to save your wedding gown before marriage.

How does the bride's wedding dress keep?

How to save your wedding dress before the wedding

The wedding dress preservation before the wedding is often ignored by many people, so after buying the wedding dress to the wedding before the wedding how should be preserved?

If you have less than 10 days to spare, you can hang the wedding dress on a hanger and put a hood on the outside to keep the dust off. If the free period is longer than 10 days, then you should pay attention. Should put marriage gauze flat on white sheet, go up together with sheet, fold marriage gauze in lumbago place in half, flat put on the shelf of almirah.

Tips: do not use a plastic cover or plastic bag, the smell of the plastic will make the fabric of the wedding dress yellow.

2. Save the wedding dress after the wedding

(1) clean as soon as possible

The wedding wedding cleaning time is certainly the faster the better, new couples should try to clean after the wedding, otherwise the longer the time, the more difficult to clean the wedding dress stain.

(2) find a professional dress cleaning shop

For wedding dress cleaning, should seek professional and reliable dress cleaning shop as far as possible, because they will be based on the dress material, accessories and stain situation, custom-made special cleaning process. In this way, the dress will be fully cleaned. If handled unprofessionally, those invisible stains will oxidize and eventually fade into an ugly yellow over time.

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(3) the way to save the wedding dress

Store your wedding dress, such as under your bed or on top of your wardrobe, in a cool, dry place. The temperature should not change too much and the wedding dress should be protected from sun, dust and moths. If your wedding dress has been washed and the clerk has helped you put it into the box, you just need to put it in a reliable place.

If you're storing your wedding dress yourself, first take it out of a plastic bag and wrap it with a white sheet to keep it away from the box. In advance to the outer cloth metal buttons, metal fasteners, pins and sponge shoulder, and other things to remove, separate preservation. Because over time, these things can get chemically damaged.

Fold the wedding dress as little as possible, top again cover a white sheet, fill the dustproof bag of white material, then ok.

Many brides want to save accessories such as shoes and jewelry along with their dresses, and some dress preservation experts believe that these items can cause damage to a dress by giving off a scent. But some experts believe that if the items are cleaned and individually wrapped, they can be preserved with the bridal gown.

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What's the most practical wedding gift you can't give

A good wedding gift should be a "heart walk" gift. It's best to give something useful to the couple. What are the most practical wedding gifts? Here are some of our recommendations and Suggestions.

What's practical for getting married

If the couple is married in a small family, home appliances are the most appropriate, small items such as microwave oven, juicer, coffee pot, stew-pan, electric iron, vacuum cleaner, telephone, even small stereo or dehumidifier are very practical. Of course, it is best to ask the new person before the delivery of household appliances products, so as not to repeat the delivery, resulting in waste. Still have, should consider to wait for a problem such as after service, should ask for bill when buying gift so actively, instruction book is put together in gift, in order to avoid the worry of the person that receive gift, let the other side feel your carefulness.

Fashion handbags are also great for the bride, with the groom giving a belt, purse or key bag. Actually need not care too much price, a small key bag cost not much, as long as the leather is good, the appearance is good, practical strong, it is very good gift.

Perfume is a woman's second skin and first coat, and no woman likes it. Choose a fragrance that will suit the bride and she will remember your gift on her wedding day.

Be particular about the packaging. The nature of the gift itself also determines the pursuit of packaging. The value of the gift should be roughly equal to the package. The silver that modelling is distinctive, manual delicate ACTS the role of article, if necklace, bracelet, earring is right choice, price is appropriate, appear fashionable again, have grade.

2. Taboo of wedding gift

1. Avoid sending clocks or watches, since they sound the same as the end, which sounds the same as a bitch. Therefore, wedding gift giving techniques should be avoided.

2. Avoid giving knives because they are easy to hurt people and have a bad meaning, which means "one cut and one cut".

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3, cannot send umbrella, above all, umbrella and loose homophony, when newly-married, taboo says such word, again, when using umbrella is rainy day, rainy day shows Yin, because this sends umbrella also very ominous.

You cannot send a mirror because it is fragile and breakable and therefore taboo.

Don't give gifts to others. Many people feel that they often receive gifts they don't need, so they just give them to others. But this is very bad practice, if the other party knew, will feel better not to send. From this can also draw lessons from, send a friend gift must consider the other party whether use, do not waste the other party still can not feel your mind.

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How to choose the best man dress and how to match the groom The best

man also plays a very important role in the wedding. The best man costume in

this position is also very important. Since the best man is the best man, of

course, he cannot steal the spotlight from the groom. So the best man needs

to pay close attention to his wardrobe! Here's what to watch for when

choosing a best man's outfit.

Best man clothing selection considerations


Find out what color suits the groom wears in advance, so that it is easy to

match and avoid hitting the groom with the shirt.

2. The best man can choose

the simpler one, which is mainly black, which will not affect the groom!


best man can dress casually if he wants to. When busy, the activity is more

convenient, should know the best man to do many things;

4. The best man team

is not only the foil of the groom but also the battle, so the overall visual

effect of the best man's dressing must be unified.

5. Communicate with the

bride and groom in advance, especially the bridesmaid. Dress had better

choose suit of appropriate and easy, color chooses downy bit as far as

possible, such still can match rise with bridesmaid;

If the groom wears a

Chinese tang suit or something, the best man will wear the same, but in a

darker shade.

The groom usually wears a festive color like red or sapphire,

while the best man usually wears dark blue or red and blue.

The best man and

the groom

Bold color differences: both the groom and the best man will have

accessories that stand out from the crowd as long as the groom's choice of

accessories is slightly brighter than the groomsmen's.

2. Dislocation of

pattern: for example, choose the jacket and tie with eye-catching patterns

for the groom, so that the recognition of the groom will be higher!


Different shades of grey: light grey and dark grey give the groom and best

man a fashionable charm.

Best man fabric is recommended

Velvet suit: simple and

simple style. Suit, trousers and shirt are all the same.

2. Classic black suit

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dressing: you can choose black suit, white shirt and dress pants. Best men

remember that classics don't make you a relic, they just make you more


3. Dark blue suit: it is temperamental and low-key. It won't

steal the show of the leading role.

After reading the detailed content of this

article, we all know the problems that should be paid attention to when

choosing the best man costume. I hope you can answer your questions.

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