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Take the right steps to protect your skin before marriage Good skin is

made up of your mature and correct skin care philosophy + your daily habits

for decades + products suitable for you. Skincare is a must for brides to be

the perfect bride, so are you really doing it right? Today,

The correct step

that protects skin before marriage 1, clean face

Many people get the concept

wrong and think wash your face with a cleanser. Clean face correctly should

understand is clean face, so discharge makeup is clean face step in. Some

female friend think makeup look is not thick do not need to use discharge

makeup product, perhaps besmear prevent bask in, use clean face product

directly after bask in, this is wrong practice, no matter do not make up or

perhaps besmear prevent bask in to need discharge makeup! Do not think to be

ok after discharge makeup, wash residue with clean face product even.


correct step that protects skin before marriage 2, water

Japanese women's

skincare steps are so complicated that they can reportedly take up to 16

steps! But small make up think, so multifarious instead go against skin

absorption. Since water can achieve the effect of secondary cleaning, so the

recommendation is to use cotton to push, but remember that the essence of

water is to skin hydrating. The average skin care novice can get their

trilogy spirit from clinique. Namely clean face, water, emulsion. And today

we're going to talk about the steps of the first order.

The correct step that

protects skin before marriage 3, eye frost

I don't know when it first became

popular, but it was only after the age of 25 that an eye cream was used. But

if you get tattoos at 20, do you have to wait until 25? Trust me, collagen

has been missing since the age of 18, and some sharp-eyed girls may need it

sooner! Therefore, eye cream should be used from 18 to 20 years old.


correct step that protects skin before marriage 4, essence

Small make up for

general elite recommends when skin needs or 30+ reapply, if want to whiten

word to be about to use essence of light spot to be able to achieve beautiful

white result, although the final effect of beautiful white essence is

beautiful white, but different composition effect looks big different.

Whitening ingredients are usually divided into two types, one is to inhibit

the proliferation and production of melanin, and one is to speed up the

metabolism of melanin. The former is mainly used for the improvement of the

whole face color, the latter is mainly used for spots and acne India.


correct step that protects skin before marriage 5, emulsion

Here again want to

pull grass a mistake to everybody, there are a lot of women can fill water to

protect wet conflate, but fill water is to fill water, protect wet is protect

wet. The job that fills water basically gives makeup water to do, and latex

basically is to be in charge of protect wet. Remember! After water you can

use essence but must use lotion! Otherwise on the water, air will be

connected to take away the original moisture in the skin, thus more dry.


correct step that protects skin before marriage 6, face frost

In terms of face

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cream, younger women can use it. The German family's philosophy on skincare

is to try not to use cream until age 25. But in the winter that the lotion

can not carry, still recommend can use face cream. Frost should divide daily

use and night use model, because the demand of day skin and night are


The correct step that protects skin before marriage 7, prevent bask


How many Chinese women think sun protection is one of the steps to make up!

Because feel discharge makeup is troublesome so seldom use, except go

outdoors face insolation. It tells you how important sunscreen is, the

biggest killer of skin aging is photoaging, the invisible UV/UVA/UVB you want

to prevent but these, and then there are air pollutants haze and so on.

Remember to unload!

Summary: looked small make up for each bride to share of

correct protect skin to use a step, is your protect skin right? If it's not

right, get it right.

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