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White wedding dress matchs what shoe beautiful white wedding dress collocation skill

It is very important to match the clothes of the couple on the wedding. Nowadays, many brides choose a white wedding dress, but do you know what shoes look good on a white wedding dress? Here's a look at the white wedding dress and shoes.

Why wear a white wedding dress

White is the mainstream color in wedding dress color, have deep historical root. During the reign of the Lord, women's social status was very low, and people attached great importance to their chastity. Before marriage, a woman must keep her body as jade, which was reflected in the color of the bride's wedding dress.

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In the past, some places stipulated that the white wedding dress was a girl's patent, while the second marriage or the woman who had lost her virginity could not wear the white wedding dress. People believed that the bride should be the most pure and beautiful on the wedding day, and white was the only color that could match her pure and beautiful.

The white wedding dress represents the purity of heart and childlike innocence, and later it becomes the symbol of virginity. At this point the white wedding dress as the wedding dress is basically inherited, and gradually received around the world.

With the development of The Times, people are more and more dissatisfied with the single color of white, especially the post-80s and post-90s generation of flamboyant personality. When they shoot wedding photos or weddings, they try different colors and different styles to publicize their personality. But it is undeniable that the white wedding dress is the most classic of all wedding dresses.

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