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What gift does the engagement man have to give the ring for

If couples are planning to get married, they want to get married first. The bridegroom must not make a mistake.

What does the man get for an engagement

The first is the betrothal gift, which is a gift given by the man to the woman. Pressure coffers (meaning the woman rich), rulers (the standard of measure happiness), a comb, comb mainly refers to the couple will grow old together), ruyi scale (hope married life can very satisfied), mirror (to represent the complete life), scissors, scissors are mainly used for cutting the clothes in ancient times, use implies the couple married life is very good here, where, and everything), is a pipe (in ancient times is the main instruments of measuring grain, with abundant said here) and abacus (moral life after marriage can rest, have a reasonable program), the man need to prepare what is probably this several.

In some places, there are even things like "three gold" and "hardware". Don't assume that hardware refers to the materials we usually see in hardware stores.

Mainly the amounts, the engagement ring, two red sashes, and two red package, two sets of clothes, and so on, there are also some areas less trouble, directly to the Mosaic gold, but also to see their own economic level, is now more open era, unlike the previous feudal era, how much is the rules or is said to be suitable, but the majority of parents are choosing the amount of gift is lucky number, like 10001 or 1001, is a symbol of wanli pick one or only one, also some main present 8 and 6 these two Numbers!

Three different customs, the specific details of each place may be different. However, the gifts given by the betrothal man are quite particular. They not only need to buy several sets of clothes for the girl, but also need to buy three or five gold pieces. The woman's clothes are also very exquisite, wool coats, furs are required to be some high-end clothes. And 3 gold, 5 gold no matter how you buy, weight cannot too light, otherwise the woman can feel that you do not value her daughter. Besides, the man also needs to give the woman a gift. Gift money also cannot give too light, general beginning price is 10 thousand, specific how much should see male economic condition.

This article has been compiled for you to read the specific content, we all know when the engagement of the man to prepare some gifts, hope to give you useful reference to help.

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Correct method of washing a face in winter, correct method of washing a face in winter, how should wash a face in winter

What is the right way to wash your face in winter? Washing a face in winter also exists actually certain exquisite, only master the correct method of washing a face in winter, just can protect face skin effectively.

The right way to wash your face in the morning in winter

To wash your face in the morning in winter, check facial oil before choosing skin care products

Our skin, repaired overnight by a maintenance product, is still not fully "woke", but is full of power. At this time, the main solution is to deal with sticky dust, molted dead skin, secreted oil and residual non-absorptive skin care products, if not more oil, try not to use too strong cleansing products.

Especially in winter, oil secretion will be less than other seasons, each person's skin condition is different, of course, the same person in different condition, different sleep environment, the amount of secretion of oils and fats by different psychological state and different, so, no matter you are what kind of skin, get up in the morning it is inspection on facial skin conditions.

If you find that your skin is oily and has large pores, you should use a cleanser. If your skin doesn't have a lot of oil, it should feel fresh and even dry. To protect your skin's oil, wash your face with warm water before taking care of it.

Wash your face thoroughly at night and massage

There's sebum on the face all day, makeup, exhaust and dust, and there's a lot more to it than skin in the morning. Considering that the skin is generally in a dry condition in winter, oily makeup remover products and products with strong cleaning power should be used for thorough cleaning.

Skin in winter, as cold, metabolism and blood circulation slow down significantly, can cause the skin's ability to regenerate and repair. Discharge makeup also can make the cutin layer of the skin becomes flimsy, bring about the skin is dry, so evening we discharge makeup period or should undertake proper massage to the skin after discharge makeup, stimulative skin metabolism.

Makeup remover completely dissolves makeup chemicals, such as waterproof mascara and lipstick.. And the skin also is easy to adapt, massage till colour makeup float, undertake again sufficient emulsification, the skin can clean while, also won't take away redundant moisture

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A more reclusive getaway than Iceland, it has some of the most underrated sights

It, named by us national geographic as the world's most beautiful archipelago, with its winding coastline, magnificent fjords and waterfalls, as well as its picturesque villages and mountains, offers solace to every soul who has drifted here.

With its vastly underestimated natural beauty and unspoiled pristine villages, it is possible to enjoy the purest tranquility and solitude from the lighthouse at the end of the desert island.

It's the paradise of the north Atlantic, the faroe islands. A place that sounds mysterious just by its name

A thousand miles from Iceland and Scotland, the f-royar Islands are a sovereign territory of Denmark, a northern European self-governing territory.

Eighteen jigsaw shaped reefs stand amid the rolling waters of the north Atlantic, and colorful cottages and thatched wooden churches add a note of solemnity and solemnity to the treeless wilderness.

It's full of seduction and mystery, ancient myths and legends, and rustic art and music that are closely associated with it. You can also get close to local wildlife, hang out with flocks of sheep, watch cute puffins and rare seabirds.

Torres port To ? rshavn

Explore the faroe islands journey from capital, torres port (To ? rshavn), torres port is the largest city in the faroe islands, food, shops, fast food, clothing, here for faroese is almost equivalent To "city life", also become the tourists To explore an excellent base around.

You can spend a day or two exploring thatched cottages in the historic district of tingharns, as well as savoring a unique culture at the national museum of the faroe islands and art gallery of the faroe islands.

Westerner Vestmanna

The natural beauty of the faroe islands is hidden from the city. Miniature Vestmanna shares the same Streymoy with port toles, and you can sail to the inspiring Vestmanna Bird Cliffs, bumping past the towering Cliffs, skimming the sharp rocky peaks, and then through the narrow stone arches.

You'll find cockles and puffins feeding grounds, shrieking bonnets and three-toed gulls rising into the sky like millions of white dots.

Mackay island Mykines

The west mackay island (Mykines) is also a paradise for bird-watchers, leading to the landmark buildings on the island Mykineshol ? mur Lighthouse hiking route passes through puffin cave, you can view and admire this stupid of animals up close.

Cross a 35m-long bridge under which live abundant birds, including the faroe islands' only major gannet colony.

Kalsoy island

The "body" of Kalsoy island in the northeast, with its endless cliffs and depressions, creates a surreal atmosphere. The appearance of many tunnels is called "flute" by the smile, and the scenery is magnificent.

Istroy Eysturoy

The most fascinating thing about Eysturoy is the stunning landscape. Wedged between kars island and strammer, you can find some of the country's most majestic fjords and towering peaks.

North of istroy, every turn of the landscape is particularly stunning, and shuttling through the charming villages is undoubtedly one of the most fantastic experiences.

YiErDu vic Elduvi ? k

Facing the kars island at the northern end of rugged, small and exquisite village YiErDu vic (Elduvi ? k) is like a dream charming, charred traditional village is divided into two clusters, located at the creek (Sto ? ra ?) estuaries, very suitable for taking pictures.

Also, at the end of the fjord, between two craggy ridges, is G ta, which consists of three villages.

You need to know more about the faroe islands

Travel time

Although July and August are the main tourist months for the faroe islands, come June, when the days are longest, most hotels and museums are open, and visitors are scarce. From September to may, rain was abundant and many infrastructure was closed. However, the mysterious sky, billowing ocean and breathtaking scenery are suitable for travelers who want to meditate alone.

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