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Correct method of washing a face in winter, correct method of washing a face in winter, how should wash a face in winter

What is the right way to wash your face in winter? Washing a face in winter also exists actually certain exquisite, only master the correct method of washing a face in winter, just can protect face skin effectively.

The right way to wash your face in the morning in winter

To wash your face in the morning in winter, check facial oil before choosing skin care products

Our skin, repaired overnight by a maintenance product, is still not fully "woke", but is full of power. At this time, the main solution is to deal with sticky dust, molted dead skin, secreted oil and residual non-absorptive skin care products, if not more oil, try not to use too strong cleansing products.

Especially in winter, oil secretion will be less than other seasons, each person's skin condition is different, of course, the same person in different condition, different sleep environment, the amount of secretion of oils and fats by different psychological state and different, so, no matter you are what kind of skin, get up in the morning it is inspection on facial skin conditions.

If you find that your skin is oily and has large pores, you should use a cleanser. If your skin doesn't have a lot of oil, it should feel fresh and even dry. To protect your skin's oil, wash your face with warm water before taking care of it.

Wash your face thoroughly at night and massage

There's sebum on the face all day, makeup, exhaust and dust, and there's a lot more to it than skin in the morning. Considering that the skin is generally in a dry condition in winter, oily makeup remover products and products with strong cleaning power should be used for thorough cleaning.

Skin in winter, as cold, metabolism and blood circulation slow down significantly, can cause the skin's ability to regenerate and repair. Discharge makeup also can make the cutin layer of the skin becomes flimsy, bring about the skin is dry, so evening we discharge makeup period or should undertake proper massage to the skin after discharge makeup, stimulative skin metabolism.

Makeup remover completely dissolves makeup chemicals, such as waterproof mascara and lipstick.. And the skin also is easy to adapt, massage till colour makeup float, undertake again sufficient emulsification, the skin can clean while, also won't take away redundant moisture

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