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Wedding rehearsal schedule what the wedding rehearsal includes

 In order to have a perfect wedding, people need to make some preparations before marriage. A lot of couples are confused when it comes to planning a wedding, in order to make your wedding secure.

  Does the wedding need rehearsals

  Wedding rehearsal means that before the wedding, at the actual wedding venue, the main wedding participants rehearse the whole wedding process, which involves a whole wedding process of rehearsal, all equipment inspection, and the host's full set of strings, etc.

  In addition to the wedding planner and executive staff, most of those who participate in the wedding are the first time to participate in the wedding in person. They don't know much about the process and the possible situation in the actual wedding.

  1) process rehearsal:

  There are different wedding themes and different wedding forms. Most western ceremonies include admission, marriage certificate, ring exchange, kissing, champagne pouring, candlestick lighting, cake cutting, hand-holding, and exit. The process of rehearsing needs to cover all of these processes, because it allows you to control or predict the time as a whole so that the key ceremonies don't miss the right time or delay the whole process too long. Rehearsals are especially important if your wedding involves special, difficult events, such as remote-controlled airplane rings.

  2) participants:

  In addition to the bride and groom who must attend, the groomsman's maid of honor must also attend. Parents had better be able to attend the rehearsal, which requires them to cooperate with each other in the process of the bride's entrance and tea ceremony. The rehearsal can not only familiarize themselves with the process and make a good study of every detail, but also eliminate the tension and achieve the best in the actual wedding. In the guest speech part, considering the time or energy limit of guests, guests may not attend the rehearsal in person, but this part of the rehearsal should be reserved, and they should also inform themselves separately. Wedding planners also need to be present, they are the general director of the whole wedding, and the relevant cameramen should be able to go to the wedding scene, actually set the best shooting Angle and so on.

  3) equipment inspection:

  Microphone, sound system, lighting, projection and other equipment will be used in the wedding. The wedding venue is different, and related auxiliary facilities such as power supply and projection curtain need to be debugged, which not only tests the fitness of the equipment itself, but also adjusts the optimal volume and lighting lightness according to the size of the actual banquet space. If there is no rehearsal for this part, what a heart-wrenching thing it would be in case the equipment goes on strike during the wedding.

  4) serial words of the host:

  Host is a wedding card, each a wedding host contains basic wedding host set of words, combined with the characteristics of the wedding and the wedding emergent problems of improvisation, etc., and wedding rehearsal is the host part of the effective fusion in advance before two opportunities, in addition, other people of the whole dress rehearsal is also under the leading of the host, is indispensable.

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 What's for mom and dad's wedding anniversary

 Everyone who loves each other belongs to their own wedding anniversary, whether it is their parents or themselves or the relatives and friends around them. So what's for mom and dad's wedding anniversary? Let's watch it with the editor.

  1: a meaningful party

  Discuss with your parents' relatives and friends in private. On the wedding anniversary, they will be led away by their parents' friends. Then, they will arrange a romantic and creative party together with their relatives, buy a sweet cake, arrange their favorite dishes and give them a huge surprise.

  2: lovers' rings

  You might think, isn't it strange to give an old man a couple ring? In fact, the couple ring is not the young people's patent, but the young people more admire this. The couple have been together for decades, so we think it is more meaningful for them to wear the ring, which reflects the eternal value of love and the intimate family atmosphere.

  3: souvenir album

  You can look through the old photo albums of your family, find the photos of your parents from their marriage to the present and the warm photos you collect. Make a photo album recording happy moments in your marriage for your parents.

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 How about getting married on mother's day

Mother's day is a special day, and the implication is very good. As a result, many couples plan to get married on this day. So, how about getting married on mother's day?

  Of course, it's good to be depressed on that day. It's good to be depressed on that day. Mother's Day is a Day to thank your Mother. The tradition of the festival originated in ancient Greece. Modern mother's day originated in the United States and is celebrated on the second Sunday of may every year. Mothers usually receive gifts on this day. Carnation is regarded as a flower dedicated to their mother, while Chinese mother flower is day lily, also called forgetfulness.

  Although they say they can get married on this day, according to the old calendar, it seems that this day is not suitable for marriage. Of course, the decision is still in the hands of the couple. It depends on how you choose this wedding day.

  May 14 is Sunday, or mother's day, no matter friends and family have time, and mother's day is also good implication.

  People who marry before the age of 20 have a 32 percent divorce rate in the five years leading up to their marriage, according to the report. For people who marry between the ages of 20 and 24, the divorce rate is 20 percent. 25 to 29 years old is 15%, 30 to 34 years old is 14%; But once you're over 35, the odds go up to 19 percent. An in-depth analysis found that the divorce rate fell by 11% for every increase in the age of 32 before the age of one year, but by the age of 32 the divorce rate increased by 5% for every increase in the age of one year. Therefore, 32 seems to be the most suitable age for marriage.

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