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 Exclusive best friend wedding greetings recommended

When your best friend enters the marriage hall, as your best friend, a big red envelope is indispensable. Meanwhile, it is important to send your best friend a special wedding speech. What about the wedding wishes of a best friend? Below small make up for you to collect exclusive friend to get married to congratulate speech, see together!

  Congratulations to you! Saying goodbye to your single life also means that you have found true love. As your friend, I am really happy and wish you happiness. Be careful not to become a yellow-faced woman

  May the song of joy go with you forever, and your married life be filled with joy and gladness, and the days of endless joy. I wish you a happy marriage.

  I send my heartfelt wishes to you by the wind, so that you can receive my sincere love. This evening, the air is full of intoxicating sweetness. May my dearest friend ever be in love.

  My best friend's wedding wish

  Looking at the invitation letter, listening to the laughter of firecrackers, thinking about the bustle of the bridal chamber, looking at the beauty of the new couple, Shouting the slogan of blessing, I wish you love each other for a hundred years!

  The highest level of two of a kind is that it is relatively free from boredom. I wish a new couple love each other sincerely and make an appointment forever! Congratulations on your wedding!

  The sea withered stone rotten concentric forever knot, the ground wide sky high ratio wingspan flies together, the pearl-united wall joins the bridal chamber spring warm, the flower good month circle fish sentiment deep.

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