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 Korean style bride hair dressing procedure

The bride is the focal point of wedding day, makeup and hairstyle need to be conspicuous naturally, share below Korean style bridal hairstyle to tie a method step, bride-to-be is quick to see see.

  Korean style bride hair tie method step romantic temperament accompanies you throughout the day

  Step one

  Step 1: Korean bride hairdressing

  Take the hair out of the head and twist it into a braid.

  Step 2

  Step 2: Korean bride hairdressing

  Take a bunch of hair from the right side and twist it into a puffiness.

  Step 3

  Step 3: Korean bride hairdressing

  Secure from the inside with a hairpin.

  Step 4

  Step 4: Korean bride hairdressing

  Repeat the same procedure on the left.

  Step 5

  Step 5: Korean bride hairdressing

  According to the same method from the bottom in order to take off the bundle dozen to create a full layer of feeling of the tie hair modeling.

  Step 6

  Step 6: Korean bride hairdressing

  Finally take out the tail hair braid.

  Step seven

  Step seven

  Step 7: Korean bride hairdressing

  Finish with white flowers.

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