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The finishing touch of the bride's image

 Tips for embellishment

  The veil is the auxiliary decoration of the wedding dress. The two complement each other and complement each other. The bridal veil must not steal the show of the wedding dress. If there are decorations on the veil, it must not be too complicated and luxurious, so as to avoid conflicts with the wedding dress, which is counterproductive.

  Wear or not wear

  Although wearing a veil is a fashionable dress for young people to get married nowadays, whether it is worn or not depends on whether it is suitable for their wedding. Rigorous, second marriage or be pregnant bride is not suited to take the lead in what, but also have a second marriage bride choose relatively low-key regular yarn or shoulder-length veil, so wear don't wear a veil also depends on your decision. There are now more fashion options beyond the veil, such as a dazzling Persian crown, a shimmering hairpin, flowers, or a hairpin.

  Bridal veil

  Without satin

  The seam edge of the head yarn can be distinctive: whether it is the modern design of seamless edge, or add colorful silk ribbon or butterfly seam edge, can add a bright eye to the whole shape. After added satin bridal veil can let the bride gives a person pure and fresh and elegant image, but if the dividing line between satin and chiffon is not appropriate, the bride is likely to appear small, so add do not add satin veil, also take their own carefully.

  Which kind of headdress is more shiny

  Veil on collocation small broken glass, crystal, pearl, bead piece or lace, etc., different accessories can create different effects: nifty and sexy, mature noble, refined and elegant, pure and lovely, these factors should be taken into account when choosing the veil.

  Bridal veil

  The image behind it

  When try to wear the veil, but don't just look at the appearance of the km is eagerly to the crown of the style, but also see behind the veil on the image, if you want to show the unique design behind the wedding dress, so suggest that had better choose only one or two and very thin layer of the veil.

  Color taboo

  Wearing the veil used by mom or grandma to get married is regarded as a continuation and inheritance of blessing and has special significance. Do not dye the veil at this time, because it does not need to be fully matched with the wedding dress, their uniqueness is the charm of this kind of gauze.

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