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The bride's veil shape, wearing the veil let the holy happiness come

The bridal veil can bring the feeling of dreaminess to the delicate bride, and also can decorate the graceful posture of the delicate bride. Small make up bring a few bridal gauze modelling picture, give a person noble and elegant feeling, wearing gauze to imply happy arrival, full of holiness and warmth.

  The image of the bride's veil is covered with a veil to bring holy happiness

  Flower modelling, beautiful appearance, long bridal gown head sets off the bride lovely, create the dreamy atmosphere of soft beauty and romance, the bride is immersed in endless happiness.

  Picture of the bride's veil

  At the Reem Acra show at New York's wedding dress week in autumn and winter 2012, we were once again presented with a perfect match between the dress and the bride's hair. Reem Acra, the designer, has created a ribbon of lilies and gems made of tulle, and a gauze mask around the flowers that adorns the bride's forehead and temples.

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