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The prospective bride's milk whitening method is better for both internal and external use

 Cow milk contains rich protein and calcium is known to all, not only can strengthen physical health, also help beauty whitening, often drink milk can make skin become white water embellish, also has a lot of people since the milk made from a variety of mask is used to maintain skin, effect nature is very good. Take inside milk while cooperate exterior apply, whitening effect is doubled, teach you below milk whitening law, prospective bride did not come quickly term.

  Bride-to-be milk whitening method 1, take milk inside

  Milk has thirst quenching, moisten intestines, the effect such as clear heat aperient, tonify deficiency spleen, milk contains rich protein, vitamins and minerals, have natural moisturizing effect, easy be absorbed by skin, can prevent dry skin, and can repair the dry lines, have cleansing milk, soft skin and bleaching.

  Drink milk for a long time can make skin white, can drink a bottle of milk every morning and evening. And drink milk in the evening, can whiten already beautiful and calm mind, sufficient morpheus is to the skin maintain also have favour to have profit. Make a milk before sleeping to protect skin to maintain, the skin will be white tender the next day.

  Bride-to-be milk whitening method 2, milk whitening

  Milk is mild, so it doesn't matter if you use a mask every day. It doesn't irritate your skin. You can add milk to your face water, or you can use mask paper. Also can cooperate other material to use together, can have different effect, can maintain face skin pertinently. Conditional can bubble milk bath, let oneself whole body skin all white tender.

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