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It is important to be green and healthy when designing wedding menus

In addition to the wedding ceremony is the centerpiece of the wedding, the wedding is the centerpiece of the ceremony, the wedding banquet menu design is take new idea, make sure to let guests eat healthy and also want to eat happy. So what details should couples pay attention to when designing wedding menus? Today, let's take a look at the details of wedding menu design to make your wedding more perfect.   Details of wedding menu design 1. Fresh seasonal ingredients   When newlyweds design the wedding menu, the most basic point is to look at the ingredients, the ingredients must choose fresh season-season, so that the ingredients are healthier and safer. If most of the ingredients are refrigerated or dried, the nutritional value will be lost and the taste will not be as good as the fresh ingredients. The food material that should not season, it is planted in shed mostly, carry a lot of pesticide, also not the best choice. When the wedding banquet is customized, the bride and groom should clearly know the source of the food materials of the hotel, so as to ensure the health and safety of the food materials. It is also the new couple's responsibility to themselves and their guests.   2. Keep the cooking original   Nowadays, wedding banquet emphasizes healthy and green, so when designing wedding menu, we must pay attention to the cooking method of food materials, and only reasonable cooking dishes can guarantee the nutritional value of dishes. When cooking, it is best to keep the taste and taste of guessing. Dishes cooked by means of stewing, stewing, steaming and cooking will be healthier. Baked, Fried, Fried and other ways of cooking dishes will make the ingredients lose nutrition, and the second is not good for the body, this kind of dishes should be less arranged. General cooking oil, fruits and vegetables class recommended best low-temperature cooking seafood, meat dishes taste principle with low oil, low salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate, the principle of less such dishes will be more healthy.   3. The dishes should be meat and vegetable, dry and wet   The combination of dishes is an important factor in wedding menu design, which should not only satisfy the wedding banquet's happiness, but also consider the health factor. The wedding banquet that the bride and groom want meat and vegetable to match when menu design, low fat and healthy is more popular, whole chicken whole duck, big fish big meat wedding banquet already outdated, on wedding banquet can add a few vegetables and coarse food appropriately. Besides, dishes also note wet collocation, before meals to soup, appetizer, and moist intestines, the main course at the end of tens of thousands of, use can have satiety soup soup as a snack, conducive to digestion.   Read more atgreen bridesmaid dresses uk | gold bridesmaid dresses

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