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 The hakka custom of marriage has been passed down from one family to another for thousands of years

 Hakka, is a very obvious han nationality. Hakka culture and customs have been passed down for thousands of years. Hakka marriage custom is a special custom in hakka culture. Male big should marry, female big should marry, below come to understand hakka marriage custom together.

  Hakka wedding customs:

  1. Act as matchmaker

  When the boy grew up, his parents sent for matchmakers to visit unmarried women in suitable homes. The matchmaker explained the man's family, age and appearance to the woman's parents. If the woman's parents agree, they will go on a blind date, which is called "visiting others". If you don't agree, you decline. The so-called "spy on the family" is that the woman's parents invited several close relatives to the man to see the husband, understand the family relocation, and the man hosted a banquet and gave gifts. My daughter didn't go there herself. It is agreed that the woman will send her daughter's birth year, month, day and time, commonly known as "eight characters of the hour", to the man's family in a red post, which is called "send geng". The man put "gengtai" on the front of the ancestral tablets and everything went well within three days. Then he further asked the fortune-teller to "combine the eight characters". Some women do the same at home. So old to young men and women married, much by the lives of parents, arranged, and decided the fortune-teller, some still limited by family condition, therefore, tended to "get married before they love", every person also many.

  2. Submission (binding)

  After a suitable marriage, the woman put forward the conditions for a certain amount of money, pigs, wine, chickens and fish, orange cakes and sweets, and in rural areas, rice, beans, flour and noodles should be added. The man proposes a dowry, to be negotiated by the matchmaker between the man and the woman. Rural use written form, often referred to as "engagement" or "close marriage writing", write "jue" auspicious words, positive bottom to write "a match made in heaven", parents and matchmakers close room signed by both parties, each party holds one. When writing, the man should prepare a feast. In the city gate, the man will send orange cake, candy and cloth, shoes and socks, rings or watches to the woman's house, and the woman's home will send the man hat and shoes and clothes. Some were also invited to a table or two of "betrothal wine". From then on, the woman was a man's man. After the gift is given, the man will give a gift to the woman on the New Year's day until the wedding.

  Hakka people in meixian county, guangdong province, in addition to the general need to send gifts, but also a father and a mother two "rabbits." "Rabbit" is made by turning the pig's belly over and stuffing it with rice bran, and then making ears and eyes. The woman takes the male one and returns it to the male one. As the saying goes, "you can spit after the rabbit ceremony."

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