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A must-have list of 100 items for the new couple.

 There are a lot of things to prepare for a perfect wedding. If slightly do not pay attention to, are likely to be missing some very important things, so the new people in advance to prepare a list of necessary contracts are necessary, then according to the list of items to buy, will do not missing.


  1. New house furnishings.

  2. Furniture.

  3. Electrical appliances

  4. Bedding

  5. The curtains

  The bride wedding dress

  2. Costumes.

  1. The bride's wedding dress and veil gloves.

  2. The woman's dress

  3. The girl's reunion dinner is returned to the door.

  4. The woman's handbag.

  5. The woman's wedding shoes

  6. Women's underwear and pajamas.

  7. The woman's silk stockings.

  8. Female accessories: headwear necklace, etc.

  9. Man's suit

  10. The man's dress

  11. Man's shirt

  A man's tie and tie belt.

  13. Male shoes (black and white)

  14. Male socks (deep and shallow)

  15. Cufflinks, scarves and other accessories.

  16. Glasses and contact lenses.

  Men's underwear, pajamas.


  3. Small objects and site decoration.

  1. The poster or eilabao.

  2. Guest list (yilabao)

  3. Candy bag

  4. Welcome card

  5. Stop pillow and ring box.

  6. A glass of wine.

  7. Couples.

  8. Champagne bottle cover.

  9. Fluorescent ice cubes and fluorescent liquid.

  10, candles

  11, flower basket,

  12, the balloon

  13. Lighter

  Red carpet/white carpet.

  15. Chair back yarn/decorative yarn.

  17, the invitation

  18. Check-in book

  19. Sign the pen

  20. Seat card

  21, happy character

  22, matches

  23. Red packets (large and small)

  24. Gifts in return.

  25, ribbons,

  "Early birth of your son"

  The food section.

  1, the joyful

  2, brown sugar,

  3, peanuts,

  4, longan

  5, lotus seed,

  6. Other miscellaneous fruits.

  7, white wine

  8, red wine

  9, beer

  10, cigarette

  11. Soft drinks

  12, tea

  Buddhist monastic discipline

  5. Jewelry section.

  1, the diamond ring

  2. Ring (true, false)

  3. Bracelet (with qipao/longfeng jacket)

  4. Tokens (e.g., table)

  Chair spend

  Sixth, other

  1. Both parents' clothes.

  2. Send gifts of flowers to both parents.

  3. Bridesmaid dresses and gifts.

  4. Best man's tie and gift.

  A corsage

  8. The bride and the bridesmaid are required on the wedding day.

  1. Snacks and water

  2. Wedding flow chart.

  3. Small mirror straw (no damage to lip gloss)

  4. Painkillers, band-aids, cotton balls, sanitary pads, and handkerchiefs.

  5. Spare stockings.

  6. Hair spray.

  7. Lipstick, foundation, oil absorption paper, cotton, perfume.

  8. Cell phone and spare battery.

  9, a red envelope

  Safety pins.

  Nail polish, nail file.

  12. Eye drops

  13. Spare recessive glasses and nursing supplies.

  14. Spare jewelry (earrings, necklaces, bracelets)

  15, hairpin,

  16. Mouthwash, breath freshener,

  17. Wedding planner contact list.

  18. Needle and scissors.

  The groom's tie

  9. The groom and his best man are necessary.

  1. Spare tie or tie for spare socks.

  2. Medical gauze handkerchief, paper towel shaver and shaving fluid.

  3. Spare cufflinks and button watches.

  4. Mobile phone and spare battery.

  Sign in thin

  Ten, wedding banquet

  1, the joyful

  2. Bring your own drinks.

  3, cigarette

  4, matches

  5. Firecrackers and ribbons.

  Petals 6,

  7. Sign in

  8. Sign the pen

  9. Wedding photos of the new couple.

  These are the necessary list of wedding articles for all of us. Of course, this is a list of the popular, not taking into account some special local customs and other reasons, if there are any omissions, I can add.

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