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Caution should be given to the small details at six o 'clock.

Skin care is a lifelong mission for girls, especially for girls who are getting married. So what should we pay attention to before premarital skin care? Here's a look at some of the things you can do to make up for pre-marital hydration.

  Caution should be given to the small details at six o 'clock.

  One, moist product.

  Moisturizing is the effect of moisturizing, which is the result of water oil balance. Dry skin and oil moisturizer should be used in winter. Oily skin and summer should be used with no oil supplements.

  2. Easy to absorb products.

  Moisturize with oils that are easily absorbed by the skin. If the grease can't absorb, let the skin not be able to suck, as if the fish tank surface has the oil, the fish will soon die, the same reason, the oil that cannot absorb will accelerate the skin senescence!

  Three, moisturizing

  Moisturizing is only a moist cuticles, the skin is full of fine lines, fine lines and wrinkles. The smaller the molecule, the more you can go deeper into the base of your skin. On the contrary, if it is a large molecule moisturizing product, it can only solve the surface drying problem.

  Prevent skin from aging.

  The skin moisturizes and feels comfortable, but comfort doesn't mean you're young. A single moisturizer doesn't stop the aging process. When skin is old, hydrating does not solve the problem. It is necessary to combine antioxidant, anti-free radicals and regenerative products.

  5. Understand the dry tableland.

  Dry skin of the skin to understand that the plateau is used to moisturize products, anemia caused by dry skin to be effective; Skin dryness caused by aging should be used to promote regenerative products.

  6. Moisturize.

  You can't moisturize only with moisturizers, and add enough water every day. Eight glasses of water a day is not necessarily scientific, but it is absolutely necessary to add water to your body every day.

  The above is small make up for everybody to tidy up the premarital water to pay attention to matter, everybody is careful to see again? Of course, if you have any good recommendations, you can also share them in the comments.

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