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Western wedding tradition must follow the etiquette.

Nowadays, more and more weddings come in the form of weddings, and western-style weddings are also becoming a hot topic. What are some of the customs that we should follow in western-style weddings? Let's take a look at western wedding traditions and customs.

  A wedding ring

  An engagement ring.

  The diamond engagement ring, which dates back to the 15th century, when the Austrian archduke Maximilian made a vow to marry Mary. "Your highness, you must send a ring with a diamond when you are engaged," his confidant said at the time. Maximilian. The ceremony has been around for centuries.


  White gloves.

  Gloves are a token of love. In the middle ages, many gentlemen gave their gloves to their sweethearts. If the other party wore that glove on Sunday, she said she had agreed to his proposal.

  Exchange rings

  Wedding rings.

  The ring should be worn on the third finger of the left hand. The ancients believed that the blood vessels of the left ring finger were directly connected to the heart. The medieval bridegroom took the wedding ring in turn on the bride's three fingers, symbolizing the trinity of the father, the son and the holy spirit, and finally put the ring on the ring finger. So the fourth finger of the left hand is the finger of the traditional wedding ring of all english-speaking countries.


  Four, throw the flower ball.

  When the bride throws a flower ball, it means that whoever gets married is going to get married, so we can often see the scene: a group of excited young people waiting for the ball thrown by the bride.

  Hand bouquet

  The bride's hand held the flowers.

  Holding a flower is in western-style wedding, he is from an ancient custom, the ancient westerners think, redolent of spices and herbs (including garlic and chives) defender of the wedding people from bad luck and disease, so the habit was down.

  The veil

  Sixth, the veil

  At first, the bride's veil symbolizes youth and purity. A Christian bride or wearing a white veil to signify purity and festivity, or to wear a blue veil to signify purity as the virgin Mary. It is said that the granddaughter of Martha Washington, the first lady of the United States, was wearing a white scarf when she got married. This is the origin of today's bride wearing the veil.

  Wedding dress,

  White wedding dress.

  White has been a symbol of celebration since Roman times. From 1850 to 1900, white was a symbol of wealth and happiness. Later, it strengthened the meaning of holiness and loyalty, and formed the noble status of pure white wedding dress. And remarried women, can use the other color other than white, such as pink or lake blue and so on, show with first marriage distinction.

  The wedding ceremony

  The wedding ceremony.

  The bride stood on the left of the bridegroom at the wedding ceremony. In ancient times, the Anglo-Saxon bridegroom often had to stand up to protect the bride from being taken away. At the wedding ceremony, the bridegroom lets the bride stand on his left, and when the rival appears, he can immediately pull out his sword and repel the enemy.

  The cake

  9. Custom wedding cake.

  Since Roman times, cakes have been an integral part of the festivities. At the end of the wedding, a loaf of bread was broken on the bride's head. The materials that make bread -- wheat, symbolize fertility. The crumbs, however, represent luck, and the guests scramble to pick them up. According to the traditional customs of the middle ages, the bride and groom kiss each other through the cake.

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