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The western wedding ceremony is a romantic and beautiful wedding ceremony.

 As the most important wedding in life, every married couple wants their wedding to be solemn and perfect, and can leave the best memories. How much did the new people for the western wedding ceremony know about the wedding ceremony of the day?

  Western wedding ceremony scene process, declaration and oath

  1. Call for a call

  Today, at this very moment, in front of your relatives and friends, we must hold this sacred wedding for two loving newcomers. Marriage is sacred and irreplaceable, so it is not easy to treat marriage. It needs respectful, respectful and mutual support to achieve a happy wedding.

  2. Make a marriage contract

  Presided by a married man, ask the groom and the bride, "so and so, are you willing to be your (husband or wife), life partner and friend forever? Respect (him or her), love (he or her)? You are willing to share happiness and joy with (he or her) equal sharing of happiness and happiness; whether it is poverty, victory, pain or being in the process." Is it plagued? "

  3, exchange vows

  The two newcomers exchanged vows and agreements with each other, "so and so, choose you and so to become my wife or husband." From this moment to the moment, whether you are poor or rich, good and bad, pain or joy, disease or health will support you, protect you, support you, cherish you, and love you until the death of you and me separate you and me. I promise to be loyal to you for your love.

  Western wedding ceremony scene two, exchanging wedding rings and concentric candles.

  1. Exchange wedding rings

  By the bridesmaid and the best man, the wedding rings entrusted in the hands are handed over to the newcomers, and the newlyweds wear a wedding ring that symbolizes loyalty and love for each other.

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