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Is it hot to explode in summer? These little tricks let you instantly be in the North Pole

 s it hot to explode in summer? These little tricks make you stay in the North Pole in a moment! Nowadays, young people are becoming more and more fond of outdoor wedding, especially in summer. But in summer, you know, hot weather is getting hot.

  Hot summer outdoor wedding ceremony, worried about hot weather, worried guests will be heatstroke, how to avoid these problems?

  First, the choice of the main hue of the wedding

  Indoor wedding, colorful, colorful, giving people the feeling of luxurious atmosphere, but outdoor wedding, it is best to avoid too bright colors. Try to use some monochromatic colors to make wedding backgrounds and give people a visual cooling.

  At present, the more fire is white green collocation, I believe some new people should have some understanding, INS super fire wedding style.

  The pink outdoor wedding arrangement, the tone is concise and romantic, is the current popular wedding style.

  Light blue wedding arrangements, fresh and elegant, must be a very good choice.

  Of course, new people can also use the ocean theme wedding to achieve visual cooling, which is all right. But the wedding on the ocean theme is best done indoors, because outdoor venues are too limited.

  Two, sprinkler and dry ice

  Before the little editor to attend a friend's wedding, it is true that it is also in the summer, the friend prepared, the wedding ceremony in advance, to avoid the hottest time at noon, although the hottest time is avoided, but the weather is still very hot, but it is good that they prepared dry ice, and then sprinkled water, personal sense of time. It's a very good way to get it.

  In fact, the young people think that it is to start the wedding ceremony in advance, to avoid the most hot in the sun, the most hot time to hold the ceremony, you want to the sun at noon, the total can not let others participate in your wedding, to get out of the wedding!

  If the real site is not ready, the small editor teaches you a little trick, which is to put several similar sprinkler at the wedding scene, and can the small objects have great energy, too?

  Three. A cold drink

  In the summer, how can I get less ice drinks, fresh juice, and soda in summer, and prepare the ice drinks in advance so that the guests feel less hot, the cold, the hot weather and the ice drinks are better.

  Recommending lemonade to relieve thirst and summer is an essential drink in summer.

  However, compared with juice drinks, many people do not feel like eating watermelon. So, prepare more watermelons.

  Four, sunglasses and mini electric fans

  A small object that is relatively hot in summer is the mini fan, which must have its existence in the summer.

  Some guests are afraid of the harsh sunlight, so they wear sunglasses. You see wearing sunglasses, blowing fans and drinking fruit juice to attend the wedding. What a pleasant thing!

  Five. Sunshade

  There are sunglasses on it. Since there are sunglasses, how can the sunscreen be less than that, but now many outdoor weddings have that kind of white special tent, which can be completely without sunshade, but if the budget is not enough, you can rent a few sunshade.

  Seven. Slippers

  When it comes to slippers, it feels like all the officers will laugh. In fact, when they attend a wedding in the summer, the guests will dress up more solemnly. For example, women wear high heels, but they will be tired for a long time. At this time, as a new person, if you prepare the slippers, I estimate that the people in the field will give you some praise and slippers. It's a must for outdoor beach wedding. It's cool and refreshing. Please prepare more slippers.

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