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The Website That Saved My Ass for Wedding Season

  Gather around, because I need to let you in on a little fashion secret that actually has changed my life. There's a website called queeniebridesmaid featuring all kinds of fresh styles — from casual to ultra formal — and you can customize every single one of them to fit your exact needs. Meaning? You can basically design your own dress, picking one from the site's array of cool silhouettes, and add straps, tweak necklines, create slits, change the hem length, and pick out your own fabric and colors — and it's not even that expensive! (Prices range from $66 to $400.) Also, did I mention that they cater to sizes 0 to 22?

  queeniebridesmaidhas basically been a godsend for wedding season. I happen to be a bridesmaid in two separate upcoming nuptials, and I'm attending a third with a black-tie optional dress code. Each celebration requires different floor-length gowns. After scanning the Internet and feeling generally blah about the options I found, the selection at queeniebridesmaid was entirely refreshing — a true departure from the sea of basic strapless chiffon choices out there.

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