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EP ya ying 2018AW released the show "ying hui".

EP ya ying 2018AW released the show "ying hui".

At 20:00 on April 18, 2018, EP ya ying will release the 2018 autumn and winter series at the fashion art center of Shanghai, 1862. Big show with "ying Hui" as the probe and turn back Hui of natural life as the theme, capture the prosperous scene of snow area plateau and natural wisdom, build a Calvin faint alternating day and night with dress language rotary aesthetic nature. Will show through the avant-garde art digital video create endless sky like flowing water in pond bright transparent, let a space, time, two dimensional cascade blend, like opening the communication in the past and future, nature and secret key urban space and time machine, all walks of people aboard the flight are will to that piece of pure snow area, the pursuit of the heavens and the earth natural lore.

At that time, li hui, YuYu Zhang, danni li, kiki kang, Jing Zhang, 佀 miaotuo marina, Gao Qianning, CHO MIN HO the concept of fashion celebrities and KOL will attend the show. He Cong, PARK JI HAE, TIANA, jia-li zhao, Xue Dongqi, Wang Xinyu Asia international supermodel will also appear in clearing snow area garden deduce new season series, led all people on modern time and space machine, common to the snow area back to the heaven and earth, the search for the future, and search for the peace of clearing the mind garden.

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