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The mother of miya's appearance

The mother of miya's appearance in the fashion show the beauty of the United States to win Jimmy Choo praise.

Sexy, elegant, healthy, confident, this is The mother of The "appeared in 2018 Shanghai international fashion week, The big show Atelier, to leave The new impression of various fashion media and The audience, and The queen" yoga ", "kung fu" and so on The label are mother covered with its "elegant delicate elegance!

In The evening, The mother was dressed in The Atelier brand beauty drill, and she was dressed in a beautiful dress. She was wearing a nude silk satin, elegant chiffon yarn, beautiful diamond tassel, fine embroidery... Mother with its elegant elegant makeup, black hair, let her walk in between planktonic flow, full of noble dream color light spirit, and a semipermeable slightly sexy and elegant like fairy temperament, let mother its "and become the focus of the scene" film "gathering.

The elegant and exquisite magnificently, Dr Design master Jimmy Choo and designer Mr Yew is to mother The magnanimity and customize, and as a "high set brand of beauty, The Atelier is most valuable is all handmade, fully display The spirit of originality, and mother its" elegant temperament also fully convey The high order series dress to high level!

Mother for its stunning appearance of, and The Atelier brand director, princess Diana royal designer Jimmy Choo said: "today's mother its", as if out of The princess in fairy tales, delicate, beautiful!" This season The Atelier brand is natural, unique and handmade, which fits well with The mother's personality. On the big screen, the mother is radiant, and the movement is appropriate; In life, her mother is pursuing a natural and healthy life - boating, diving, exploring and so on. Jimmy Choo is mother saw the colorful its elegant, and very gentleman to invite her to have the opportunity to attend the brand in the overseas big fashion show, to show the Chinese women's health cheek by jowl, elegant and confident!

In an interview with The media, mother said its "and appreciate The Atelier brand pursuit, The pursuit of The details of The design concept, nature and brand positioning is also a mother The jas in work and life goal, for The definition of fashion, mother The bills itself", "fashion is a way of life, both stars and ordinary people, originality alone charm and The spirit of self-confidence, is to express The meaning of fashion to eventually!

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