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A Young American Fashion Brand Makes A Pilgrimage To Paris Fashion Week

A Young American Fashion Brand Makes A Pilgrimage To Paris Fashion Week

Kamperett may be a San Francisco fashion brand, but its designers' collective heart is in Paris. The Parisian woman has always been a muse for Anna Chiu and Valerie Santillo, who recently traveled to The City of Lights with Kamperett's Volume 6 collection.

The pieces, which will be available in the fall, take je ne said quoi to the next level. The collection features some of the same easy-breezy-glam that the brand has become known for, and ups the level of formality in some of the dresses. A hand-painted chiffon gown is nipped at the waist with fluttery sleeves, and a heavier, strapless copper dress feels formal but also relaxed with an oversized half knot festooning the bodice. Fabrics are both ethereal and weighty, adding depth to this young brand's personality.

And can't you 100% imagine Carine Roitfeld wearing Kamperett's Barre black silk organza dress (from Volume 5)? The video that accompanied the release of Volume 5 even has a French soundtrack.

The path to Paris may have taken a few years, but it was inevitable. Take a peek at the gorgeous photos of Kamperett's upcoming collection, and read my interview with Chiu, who shares details about the historic hotel where they shared their collection and highlights from their trip (also read more about Kamperett here and here).

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