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Shopping High-Fashion Paris

Shopping High-Fashion Paris on the CheapIn nearly three decades of visiting Paris, a highlight of my sojourns is shopping for the sort of Franco-distinct fashions impossible to find at home. Over the years, the proliferation of chain stores in Paris (and easy access to French luxury brands at home) has made finding unique pieces a challenge.

So, on a recent trip, when I noticed a secondhand shop filled with high-end designer jackets, bags, boots and jewelry — many from defunct Parisian ready-to-wear brands, I was thrilled. While paying for my haul (a cashmere blazer by Angelo Tarlazzi and vintage fur stole), I learned that there were dozens of others, a network of resale shops catering to Frenchwomen’s exacting taste and passion for a deal.

As a longtime designer resale and thrift store aficionado, I find few things more satisfying than tracking down accouterments that whisper “Fabriqué à Paris” — without paying retail. Thus began my deep dive into the City of Light’s lively dépôt-vente scene: upscale thrift shops that traffic specifically in luxury goods.

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Venture Capitalists Bet on Plus-Size Fashion

Venture Capitalists Bet on Plus-Size Fashion

Fashion industry veterans Patrick Herning and Kathryn Retzer want to bring outfits off the runway to plus-size women, a group of customers long been overlooked by top fashion houses.

Their company, 11 Honoré Inc. has raised an $8 million Series A, in the latest sign that venture capitalists are increasingly betting on this growing retail segment. Redpoint Ventures led the investment, which brings the online retailer’s fundraising total to $11.5 million to date.


Also in this season, the ever-classic ruffles and prints, "you're also going to see a lot of pretty colors. So lots of pastels, but not Easter eggs, we're talking beautiful saturated pinks, lavender is going to be a really big color this year and blues."

"We are seeing some coloring blocking with white and black and a little bit of floral and some embroidery as well."

Spring shades are changing too, "We are seeing a movement from the large oversized sunglasses to the small round framed sunglasses."

"Kylie Jenner has partnered with key sunglasses which are out of Australia and has designed these fun funky shaped glasses."

A lot of trendy yeses, but what about the no’s, “we are also seeing some trends come back that are a little frightening from year's past. A lot of 90s trends, you're going to see plastic, rubber, those weird space-age sunglasses. I'm telling you, you do not need to buy into all of those trends," Says Williams.

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The CFDA shakes things up

The CFDA shakes things up

The CFDA Awards are fashion’s biggest night—as close as the industry gets to its own Oscars, they’re designed to celebrate the best in American design. Last night, the nominations for Menswear Designer of the Year were announced, and they include the usual suspects: Thom Browne, Tom Ford, Raf Simons for Calvin Klein, and, because even the CFDA can’t ignore streetwear’s ascendance, Virgil Abloh for his label Off-White. But the industry group didn’t stop there—one more, and more surprising, name scored a nomination, too: the New York-based hype factory Supreme and its founder James Jebbia.

The closest precedent to Supreme is Public School, the streetwear-meets-fashion label, which won in 2014. But Public School has put on runway shows (although it’s currently shifting to a direct-to-consumer model), was sold in Barneys, and at one point its designers were at the helm of DKNY. Supreme, meanwhile, is a world apart: the brand comes from the world of skateboarding, collaborates with groups like Public Enemy, and its most desirable items are almost all graphic hoodies and T-shirts. And, yes, Supreme occasionally puts out suits and collaborates with other brands on expensive leather jackets. But the brand’s most significant contribution to the world is still a logo tee. It’s not the kind of quote-unquote proper fashion that typically excites CFDA voters.

But where Supreme has previously thrown a middle finger to the powers at be in the fashion world—in the past ripping fashion houses off wholesale without permission—it’s shown a willingness to play nice (or at least nicer) over the past 12 months. In 2017, the brand took on a massive investment from the Carlyle Group, collaborated with Louis Vuitton, and even opened an extra store in New York City so more customers would be able to shop the famously hard-to-actually-buy brand. From this angle, then, it’s barely surprising that Supreme has drawn the CFDA’s attention. Streetwear brands like Off-White are huge sellers at department stores, and designer houses like Balenciaga, Louis Vuitton, and Versace are elevating mainstays of streetwear culture, like sneakers, and tacking on $800 price tags. Why not throw Supreme into the mix?

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