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Shopping High-Fashion Paris

Shopping High-Fashion Paris on the CheapIn nearly three decades of visiting Paris, a highlight of my sojourns is shopping for the sort of Franco-distinct fashions impossible to find at home. Over the years, the proliferation of chain stores in Paris (and easy access to French luxury brands at home) has made finding unique pieces a challenge.

So, on a recent trip, when I noticed a secondhand shop filled with high-end designer jackets, bags, boots and jewelry — many from defunct Parisian ready-to-wear brands, I was thrilled. While paying for my haul (a cashmere blazer by Angelo Tarlazzi and vintage fur stole), I learned that there were dozens of others, a network of resale shops catering to Frenchwomen’s exacting taste and passion for a deal.

As a longtime designer resale and thrift store aficionado, I find few things more satisfying than tracking down accouterments that whisper “Fabriqué à Paris” — without paying retail. Thus began my deep dive into the City of Light’s lively dépôt-vente scene: upscale thrift shops that traffic specifically in luxury goods.

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