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In the Studio With Paris’s New Fashion Darling

In the Studio With Paris’s New Fashion Darling

Just 10 months ago, the French fashion designer Marine Serre was toiling over garment patterns on her bed in the 160-square-foot apartment that she shared with her boyfriend in Paris’s 18th Arrondissement.Now, a few days out from her Paris Fashion Week debut, the 26-year-old is presiding over a team of more than 10 people in her new, 1,400-square-foot studio near the city’s original garment district.Her dramatic change in circumstance is largely thanks to last year’s LVMH Prize — which she won with only her graduate collection from La Cambre in Belgium — making her the first designer to ever secure the prestigious award without having officially established her brand.“This space is not exactly what I wanted, it’s too posh and Haussmannian,” Serre says of her light-filled headquarters, which feature parquet flooring and florid ceiling moldings. “I wanted to go in the industrial area of Pantin and get something much bigger.” Plus, she adds, she and the team are working past midnight most nights, and the neighbors have been complaining. “These old floorboards are noisy, but they’re nice about it,” she says.Photo

Serre’s face, framed by a tousled pixie cut, flushes with pride as she looks about: the studio is a hive of activity. Bodies, workbenches and machinery are crammed into four rooms that flow into one another. Serre and her boyfriend, Pepijn van Eeden, who serves as the brand’s general manager, share the corner office; their desks are at opposite ends, their backs turned to one another. A few plants are placed haphazardly about. To the side, a rack overflows with a jumble of loudly printed garments, most of them vintage or found in Moroccan souks.

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THE "GUCCI CHALLENGE" IS 2018'S BEST VIRAL FASHION MEMEWhen Alessandro Michele sent models down the runway carrying disturbingly accurate replicas of their own heads during Gucci's autumn winter '18 show last week, he probably knew the internet would explode. He couldn't have guessed, however, that he'd spawn the first viral fashion meme of 2018.

Now dubbed the 'Gucci Challenge', the Gucci runway show has inspired hilarious parodies with fashion figures like Giovanna Battaglia and Anna Dello Russo recreating the headless look for the 'Gram.

The #GucciChallenge hashtag now has more than 300 images, with the number growing as more fashion obsessives jump on the tongue-in-cheek bandwagon.

See our favourite iterations here

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Zadig & Voltaire Brings French Rock to New York Fashion Week

Zadig & Voltaire Brings French Rock to New York Fashion Week

Backstage at Cedar Lake, an event space in Chelsea, a crowd was bustling around with purpose. Models, dressers, hair and makeup stylists, photographers and publicists were prepping for Zadig & Voltaire’s runway show for Fall 2018, which was to start in a little less than an hour. But unlike most presentations at New York Fashion Week, an occasion that usually encapsulates bedlam, this one appeared a little less harried.

“I’m a perfectionist,” said Cecilia Bönström, 47, the brand’s artistic director, who took a few moments to chat after watching model Hailey Baldwin rehearse down the runway. “Even though I have a creative job, I like everything to be really clear; I like to follow a schedule.”

Along with being moderately organized, there was also something different in the atmosphere—something grittier, more laidback, something French.

Zadig & Volatiare is, after all, a French company who prides itself on offering styles that are tinged with a streetwise edge and rough-and-tumble easiness; looks that befit frequenters of the Bowery Ballroom and The Troubadour.

“This season, my message is to confirm that Zadig & Voltaire is the contemporary rock ‘n’ roll brand,” Bönström explained. “For me, the girls are very delicate but, at the same time, very rock. There are a lot of legs, a lot of skin. There’s leather and knitwear with perfect, sexy cocktail dresses.”

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