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Zadig & Voltaire Brings French Rock to New York Fashion Week

Zadig & Voltaire Brings French Rock to New York Fashion Week

Backstage at Cedar Lake, an event space in Chelsea, a crowd was bustling around with purpose. Models, dressers, hair and makeup stylists, photographers and publicists were prepping for Zadig & Voltaire’s runway show for Fall 2018, which was to start in a little less than an hour. But unlike most presentations at New York Fashion Week, an occasion that usually encapsulates bedlam, this one appeared a little less harried.

“I’m a perfectionist,” said Cecilia Bönström, 47, the brand’s artistic director, who took a few moments to chat after watching model Hailey Baldwin rehearse down the runway. “Even though I have a creative job, I like everything to be really clear; I like to follow a schedule.”

Along with being moderately organized, there was also something different in the atmosphere—something grittier, more laidback, something French.

Zadig & Volatiare is, after all, a French company who prides itself on offering styles that are tinged with a streetwise edge and rough-and-tumble easiness; looks that befit frequenters of the Bowery Ballroom and The Troubadour.

“This season, my message is to confirm that Zadig & Voltaire is the contemporary rock ‘n’ roll brand,” Bönström explained. “For me, the girls are very delicate but, at the same time, very rock. There are a lot of legs, a lot of skin. There’s leather and knitwear with perfect, sexy cocktail dresses.”

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