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How the humble T-shirt became a fashion statement

How the humble T-shirt became a fashion statement

opens at the Fashion and Textile Museum in Bermondsey, south London, on, will look at the garment’s evolution from practical tunic in medieval times to a medium for political and social messaging in the 20th and 21st centuries.

“The T-shirt has taken on a role as a signifier, a statement of intent for the wearer,” says curator Dennis Nothdruft. “It has developed an amazing power to communicate and to create a dialogue between the wearer and the world.”

The exhibition’s 12 sections, on topics including ethics and ecology, merchandise and advertising, include a gallery looking at why the gender-neutral T-shirt is one of the only truly democratic fashion items. More than 200 items will be on display, with examples ranging from a 500AD relic to Christian Dior’s “We Should All Be Feminists” T-shirt, seen on the Paris catwalk in 2017.

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